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Jane Austen Dreams! Sharing the love of Jane…

JaneAustenDreamsI have been a Jane Austen Fanatic since I was in my early 20′s and so now that I am in my early 30′s it has always been a dream of mine to have my daughters love Jane as much I do. I never wanted to push that love of Jane Austen to my daughters I just thought it would come. I have friends that daughters cannot stand Pride and Prejudice or anything regency, my heart races every time they say so.

To my surprise I was in the library with my children my oldest daughter almost 11, discovered Pride and Prejudice the Classic Illustrated version for children. Immediately she wanted to check it out, I was wishing and hoping she would love it. Oh and then my Jane Austen Dreams came true she loved it! Not only did she love it but she went on to read the adult/young adult book that I have on my shelf, my daughter asked to watch the movie. I have the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice we made a day of it, we only have 1 TV so I brought it out and we watched it in my room cuddled up with blankets, herbal tea and wonderful vegan popcorn! YES it was great then one by one my other children entered the room. First our youngest daughter 4, then all the boys, yes you read that right all our boys!

My daughter and I call ourselves Pride and Prejudice buddies. I gave her a matching locket after she was done reading her first Jane Austen book. The locket has a Jane Austen quote on it, I placed a picture of myself in her locket in my locket is a picture of her!

I have even found her and my youngest daughter playing Pride and Prejudice with their dolls! So I thought what a better birthday present than to take her to the play Sense and Sensibility. In our town we have a wonderful performance in August! It is a surprise as my children don’t get things this pricey usually on their birthday, however I got the cost of the tickets for 32 dollars each which is not over the top for just the 2 of us attending.

I believe that Jane Austen for young girls can teach them so much, romance has been lost in our world today with so many. Where else can you read a book about a couple that falls in love with no physical venture, a book where modesty is alive and well, a book were the lead character is strong and still gets a man who adores her! Thank you Jane for coming into my life and I get to share that love with my daughter!

My Jane Austen Dreams have come true……And so have my Daughter’s!


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Red, White and Blue by Debbie Clement! **Book with Amazing Music**



A few weeks ago I won these awesome books by Debbie Clement a set of 3 of them all hardback and signed by her, Red, White and Blue was one of them. I was super excited however in all the busyness of moving I packed all the books and then we moved. Just today I finished with the last box and our 4-year-old brought me the books and asked me what these were. A perfect time to open them up and see myself as well. I am so sorry I packed these away with the other books. Red, White and Blue is more than just another book inside are wonderful pictures that are so neat along with a beautiful C.D.

After we played the music once we played it again and again and loved it. The book is a follow along to the music which made my 4 and 7-year-old so happy! The lyrics are not hard at all for children to pick up, so upbeat and beautifully sung! Red, White and Blue is a song about our country and what better month to read and sing along than July even though we missed doing this for the 4th I was not sorry. I am a  veteran and love patriotic songs as well as books for our family!

What I loved the most is the C.D. first you have a track with the lyrics so you can sing along, once your child learns the song. The second track if for singing it without the words! We didn’t just sit there and learn the song and sing either I decided what better music than to get out the parachute and start great Red, White and Blue activities.


We have a total of 3 books this kept us going with different activities, although all my children loved these books and C.D’s I would recommend them for children ages 2-7 great age range to get them involved in music early you could even introduce them earlier to your children that would be great! I am a HUGE fan of these books with CD’s as I won them I had to look up the price.  All the books that we have Tall Giraffe, You’re Wonderful and Red, White and Blue are available the hardback book with CD for 19.95 which is a great price for all of these books. We could not pick a favorite they are all extra special. The illustrations are different than other books I have seen and stand out. The books are good quality as well, with pages that are durable for little ones. The price is set great and worth every penny!  I feel blessed for winning these awesome books and songs and wanted to share them with our readers.

Debbie Clement sells all of her wonderful products on her site Rainbows Within Reach

Music is a wonderful thing having a positive upbeat book to make your children love music is priceless, my children could not stop smiling! I also have a child with autism, I highly recommend music for special needs children! Amazing

Rating 5 out of 5 Stars- Loved Red, White and Blue Book with Amazing Music as a family!


Using Social Media Wisely!

social media post

Social Media, the plain definition of social media is websites and applications that enables users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Social Media is a great thing it allows me to share my thoughts here on my site or give a suggestion to a ‘friend’ on Goodreads for a great book I just read. I use social media all the time, Pinterest is a great way for our family to get resources for homeschooling not to mention the wonderful mothers, friends and fellow bloggers that I have met on social media. I do not use all the social media sites myself, I have this site where I share my thoughts on books, homeschooling with other families and so much more. Then I have Pinterest and Twitter, nothing else I limit myself to how many things I am on, just to the ones I like.

Using social media can boost your site, get your thoughts out there and give great resources to others that we might not otherwise know about, it can also cause a lot of trouble as well. The key is to know how to use it wisely as a lot of people do not. Social Media is not a personal agenda item to be OK to attack another or say something you might not say to one in person. More and more I see people using social media to hurt others, things to think about when using social media

  • The more personal you get the more you put out there in what I like to say the invisible land. So if you want to be personal go ahead but be careful because although social media is good, it can be harmful as well. Think about what you are saying before you say it. If you disagree that is ok just do it in a tasteful manner.
  • Why are you using it? If you are tweeting something think about why you are tweeting that, I tweet to promote my blog, authors, great giveaways or other positive things that I am passionate about. If you are passionate about something that is great, just think about  how you are stating something.
  • Is there a purpose, if you want to get something out there that is fine, who am I to judge but remember not everything you read on the internet “invisible land” is true. So before you assume and share make sure you know it to be true if it is something serious. Throwing stones behind your computer screen is not nice.

To myself social media is something that is good in my life, others can make it harmful. Using it wisely can be good, think about your privacy settings as well are you wanting to share something with close friends or the entire world.

I am not bashing social media but I see a lot of hate go on and I always think about it before pushing the button to tweet, or make that comment how the person on the other line will feel.  If social media was used in a good way and we don’t hide behind our computers to use words of HATE to others or bash people we would see less anger in the world.

You can either use social media wisely or not it is up to you. However what you put out on the computer can never be erased, so think about how others might view you before you do it. Using these wonderful resources for good!

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The Blender Girl by Tess Masters (100 gluten-free, vegan recipes)**Review**


Published April 2014

224 Pages

Purchase your copy on Amazon

This is more than just a recipe book, I was so excited to start reading. I am gluten-free and slowly becoming a vegan. Myself and my daughter have Celiac Disease which means for us we have to be gluten-free for the rest of our life and this is a health choice as well as a life one. As a personal choice I omitted meat and slowly taken away dairy from our diet. Being vegan takes commitment that I know I have and The Blender Girl gave me some wonderful advice and delicious recipes!

The Blender Girl has many useful items when making these snacks, treats or meals (Not just all Blended)

  • Picking a Blender to fit your needs – I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a blender so I love how author Masters gives you the low down on each blender.
  • Using a Blender- This even helped me with the care of my food processor
  • Blend in Ideas- Oh this is great for the newbie giving you foods that are rich in probiotic, immunity boosting and more to belnd in for your BEST health
  • SuperFood Knowledge
  • Sprouting and Soaking Chart- For nuts and seeds, I needed this chart and am so thankful for it! If you want to get the taste and health benefits SOAKING IS BEST!
  • PH, Different Salts and Natural Sweeteners – So much great information

Some may just glance at the cover and think just a book on smoothies and green drinks however The Blender Girl is so much more in addition to wonderful drinks ranging in tastes and textures there are recipes for the vegan gluten-free lifestyle that your family will love our favorite recipe as a family was the Fresh Spring Rolls with Orange Almond Sauce. These spring rolls were packed with flavor and so cooling for the summer heat! Another favorite was all but Instant Raspberry Jam my children loved and who would have thought adding Chia Seeds to a jam! I made this for my family and they loved it. This jam was so quick to leave our table! YUMMMY!

“Another book about gluten-free vegan cookbook must be pricey ingredients being so healthy.” That was a comment I heard recently when I recommended this book, think twice The Blender Girl is for those on a budget as well. Being a mother of 5 children 3 of which are growing boys and a husband, my budget is not very big and I found most of the recipes we have tried being from the smoothie section or the snack and meals were economical in price. Being healthy does not mean being expensive, think about the cost of meat and then cut that meat out of your meal.

The taste is great I highly recommend The Blender Girl by Tess Masters she is a fresh new healthy master of culinary bringing her inspirations right  into your own kitchen!

My Personal Favorites from The Blender Girl

  • Chock-Full Chocolate Surprise – smoothie
  • Asian Arugula – Salad
  • Mushroom Magic- Soup
  • Beat-The -Cold -And-Flu-Blues (loved this one I was sick recently and this got me back on my feet)

If you are looking for something fresh and new in your kitchen this is the cookbook for you!

Rating 5 out of 5 Stars-So refreshing, just hoping I can go 100 percent vegan as I love the deer beef jerky!

Check out other reviews on  Goodreads

Fan Author Tess Master’s on Goodreads

Purchase your copy on Amazon Download right to your Kindle

Another Great resource for food is Author Tess Masters Site







Our Loving Cat!


We have 2 cats one named Max and the other Salem our children named them after Max the Beast the character in the book Where The Wild Things Are and Sabrina the Teenage Witches cat Salem. They are brothers and both 2 years old. We have tried the dog thing and with our oldest having autism cats just fit our family and noise in our home. Our little grey cat Max started not eating about a month ago and we took him to the vet, that vet said he was just constipated and needed to give him water. OK easy right well the emotional roller coaster went on, he continued to loss weight and be sick just not being himself.

Max is not just a cat to us he is part of our family. So after much stress and about a month of trying to figure a problem he has a major infection in his liver we found out today through a wonderful doctor. He received an injection we have to give him medicine for the next week. He was so tired after the doctors today, he also had blood work and a cancer test as well as an IV. I was glad to know that this is curable and little Max will be feeling better soon.

We came home with a smile on our face and then Max came out of the cat carrier and  was limping not using his left leg, I am hoping it is just the Lidocaine injection that he was given but I started to cry which made my daughter cry. How overwhelming this last month has been, I am praying for our little Max we need him to drink water, eat and stop losing weight.

I never thought an animal would take a place in my heart and I have 2 that are extra special to my family that take up a place in all our hearts! Prayers for Max we need him to get better. I saw a sign in the vet’s office that said, When you are at the end of your Rope, Tie a Knot and Hang On! I am trying so hard. Being a former nurse we are trained to hide emotion well but when it comes to my family it is so hard for me to do that.

Max is a loving cat and so is his brother Salem who knew this dog lover could be such a cat lover! Just wanted to share my thoughts….



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Book Wishes Curriculum Sale!



In an effort to make room and help other home educators here is my Curriculum Sale, below the picture is the link to the original as well as the condition of the item. Please email me with any questions at all

I accept Paypal, Check or Money Order for the items I will remove items as they become unavailable please email me first to let me know your interested in an item to make sure I have it still. (just in case I have not overlooked a sold item) All prices include USPS media mail

My Paypal

30 Phonic Readers

30 Phonics Readers  Price 15.00- Great Condition

hardy boys

Hardy Boys hardback books 1-4  Price 8.00-Good Condition


Saxon Math 3 Student Workbook 1 and 2 set Price 20.00-Great Condition


Saxon Math 6/5 Homeschool Set Price 75.00-Excellent Condition SOLD


Signing Time Classroom Edition Price 150.00-Good Condition or Best Offer


Junior Great Books Read Aloud program Price (for all 8 books Level 1-3) 15.00


Space Puzzle Price 8.00- Still wrapped in plastic Excellent Condition


Around 300 High quality plastic shapes for math Price 12.00- Good Condition


2 Hardback Art Books Price 9.00-Great Condition


Math Art Book softcover Price 6.00-Good Condition

Salem Witch Trail Books for education Price 4.00-Great Condition (I have 2 of these books this price if each one)

If You Were Me and Lived In… Russia by Carole P. Roman Price 3.00-Great Condition

American Tall Tales Price 3.00-Used





All these Prices included USPS media mail , email me at









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**FREEDOM** Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday America! I am proud to be an American there are so many things to be thankful as an American, mostly I am thankful for my FREEDOM! America is founded on many values that uphold are nation. Recently I have become concerned for my children in which direction our country is going, I pray that the values and beliefs that the United States of America were founded on never fail that is what makes our country so great! Without FREEDOM I would not be able to home-educate my children, without FREEDOM I would not be able to practice my faith, without FREEDOM those of different faiths would not be able to practice theirs as well. FREEDOM gives me the right to vote as a women, the right to serve my country as I have done in USN (Proud Veteran). FREEDOM gives my children a voice to be heard and the right to have not just their voice heard but all who wish their voice too be heard. We have a great nation that our founding fathers created with all these FREEDOMS in mind. Being an American is something I am proud of something I stand for, so many men and women lost their lives in the name of FREEDOM. Many of which I have known. Happy Birthday America, may all our children be able to have the same FREEDOMS we have been blessed with lets all Stand for this great nation! BE PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN NO APOLOGY!

Have a wonderful 4th of July from my family to yours!


Some wonderful post for Books/Arts and Crafts and fun Baked Goods for the 4th for you and your family!

Firework Crafts and Books- No Time for Flash Cards

Hand Print Craft for Fireworks – No Time for Flash Cards

Summer Fun Ideas from Book Wishes Pinterest

4th of July Muffins- Simple Healthy Tasty (these are not GF but Easy to make them that way) Cute Idea!



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The Unseen Eleanor by Johnny Worthen **Release Day and Review**


The Unseen Eleanor by Johnny Worthen Book 1 is being released today July 1st 2014 so now is the time to grab your copy on Amazon. The Unseen Eleanor is about a shapeshifter or a skinwalker in Native American mythology. Eleanor takes place in a small town whirling with gossip with no opportunity. Eleanor lives with her “mother” who is dying of cancer, Eleanor is a loner, flying under the radar moving through the steps she calls life. Then when a boy returns to her town a boy that she was best-friends with as a small child everything changes in Eleanor’s life and things take you on a spiral everywhere. Read the synopsis on Goodreads.

When I started reading Eleanor I was first very confused at her shapeshifting abilities as you progress her story gets really interesting I was delighted by the story line although I have read many books on shapeshifting, author Worthen took me into the Native American mythology of shapeshifting this was not your average shapeshifting book. I really liked how all the characters were written. I read each of them with not too much detail just enough to fill in the blanks on their personality. My heart reached out to Eleanor as a character but mostly her ‘mother’. Tabitha is dying of cancer, her heart aches to be their for Eleanor they are so poor it is hard for her to imagine what is too become of Eleanor after she is dead. Tabitha holds on with everything she has and is a picture of a strong mother. I love how the state was taking great lengths to break them up however Tabitha fought hard every step of the way believing that everything would work out. Even if she doubted she never showed it to Eleanor! She is written like the mother we all would love to have.

Eleanor herself is a typical shy loner teenager not wanting to draw attention to herself. She looks at herself as a monster but in book 1 she progresses towards knowing who she really is, I will leave that for you to find out! The transformation is awesome. David is Eleanor’s returning best-friend from when she was little and know that she is in high school things have changed. I know that David is a sweet boy but his character was kind of annoying at some points of the book. I guess most teenage boys can seem that way in one time or another. LOL David seemed almost stalking at some points. He would show up at places, I understand loving someone however the obsession was a little scary, maybe even more scary than being a skinwalker. I think David was very well written however I think the creepiness needs to go.

Overall The Unseen Eleanor Book 1 by Johnny Worthen is a great read. If I were to ask for one thing to change it would be the language in the book, there is a mild amount of swearing that I think could be omitted, I am a foul language snob and just don’t like it. I would not allow my 12-year-old to read this book based on language it is not horrible but this book is supposed to be young adult. One of the reasons I love reading young adult books is the language is not used as often, however I see it becoming the normal more and more. I would recommend this book for ages 16 and up based on language.

I did enjoy the twists and turns that I was taken on in Eleanor’s life, this book keeps you guessing which is so a WINNER!  Author Johnny Worthen is a good writer and I look forward to reading the next book!

My Rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars – You can purchase this book Today!!!!! Make sure to add to your Goodreads Pick it up and Eleanor will make you HOWLLLL!

Johnny Worthen Site

Purchase on Amazon

Fan author Worthen on Goodreads


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Giveaway! Your Choice Kindle Fire HDX or Amazon Giftcard or Paypal Cash! Ends July 15th

Enter to win 1 of 2 great prizes. Winner’s choice of a Kindle Fire HDX or $229 Amazon Gift Card or $229 Paypal Cash!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Birthday Reflections from an Imperfect Mom!

035Tomorrow is my birthday and as I write this I have been kicked out of my living room so my children can make birthday cards for mom! I never thought in all my years that I would be this blessed, this loved. I know a lot of people who measure life by where they have been, how much they have, or what the number is in the bank. I measure mine by the love I have the love I give and the love I receive. Life is not ‘perfect’ but for me the journey I have travelled so far is. I have been down some roads I would not travel again but instead of walking down them again I memorized the signs and the way not to go. Things this Imperfect wife and mother has learned

  • To hold onto chubby hands because they grow too fast!
  • Yelling is not OK ever!
  • Having a husband that shows you love is wonderful, but show him love 3 times more back! Look at him the way you did when you first said I DO!
  • Enjoy the ride, do not rush it.
  • If everyone helps then everyone knows it’s not OK to let mom do everything, that said, I cannot do everything.
  • Life is not over till it’s over and then it will be so take the punches and roll with it.
  • A good CRY helps
  • Poor your heart and soul out to Heavenly Father
  • Take time to sit
  • Every once in a while your child can eat brownies for dinner! LOL
  • It is ok not to have lots of friends, sometimes that cuts down on the drama.

There are so many more things, when I first became a wife I thought yelling was ok but soon learned after having a first-born with autism that yelling is not it hurts and can scar a child or spouse deep. This is a hard one for a lot of mothers but I realized it does not have to be for me, so I make a choice not to yell. I have a husband that is very affectionate I am not that’s just how I was raised I told myself but then why do I find myself kissing and hugging and loving my children so much. I know I am affectionate I just need to be aware that my husband needs me and that comfort I get in him I cannot get anywhere else that’s what soul mates are for! I used to do everything around the house then I thought why did God give me all these helping hands! They love to help and nothing has to be perfect just done and clean. Enjoying the ride, we took a walk up the virgin river in Utah at Zion National Park and there you have beautiful wonder! Tourist where at our heals when walking, of course we are a little slower we have a crew of 7 but then I thought why are they in such a hurry to the finish. Enjoy the surroundings, stop and take note of this nature for one day it will not be here the way it is today. I cannot do everything and I won’t!

When life is beating you up nothing shows love like a mom who will make brownies for dinner! Every once and a while its ok to be the ‘fun’ mom that just wants a brownie for dinner! YES

Life is not over roll with it! Yes how often do I think the littlest things are so BIG. 2 years ago I was told “you have cancer” those were the scariest words ever. I gathered my family we got on our knees and I poured out the prayers. I said how could you give me these blessings to take me away? Then peace came over me 3 surgeries later and I was cancer-free! I am not looking back only forward. I don’t let Celiac hold me back either just forward. Life is over when it’s over and why stress about it now, just enjoy the moments we have not rushed and so beautiful! I am a survivor and I will be always! I am thankful to be cancer-free and praying for those who battle the battle everyday.

A good cry, that helps and I had to learn that crying is good and not a weakness and that is what we teach our children. Whoever said crying was a weakness is weak. Crying is for the strong to admit they need it.

Taking the time to sit, I take the time after my children go to bed and sit in silence, sit and listen to my own thoughts to the quiet. I find the best time to listen is in nature and I cannot wait for the day I have a porch swing to sit on and listen!

The last one is really hard for me, almost 2 years ago I left the town I was living in for 8 years and left my friends, some still write and of course Christmas cards but I have yet to finds a great true friend here. I do have a surrogate grandmother for my children. After they lost theirs last year a wonderful neighbor I have grown close with. I have been blessed by women in my life. I never really put myself out there for new friends sometimes I want to spare myself the drama! LOL I long for quality friends, I have my sister in law she is great but she only visits, maybe I can get her to move here!

With all the lessons learned so far I have so many more to learn, I am not perfect, I am just trying to be. I have learned the most important lesson this year is it does not matter about anything else as long as I try to be a good wife and mother and make that decision everyday. I am trying to be me and that is all there is too it….Happy Birthday another year to celebrate LIFE!



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