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Wrapping Up, Our Summer Education And Preparing For The New School Year!

Digging In The Dirt! Nature Detective from Mother Goose Time Wrap Up. preparing for the new school year ahead!Summer has been so much fun while learning, playing, traveling, meeting new friends, and having new adventures. Elion has had a blast this month with learning about nature, exploring, and becoming an official Mother Goose Time Nature Detective. I am printing her out this week an official nature detective badge of her own to wear. Reminding her of her daddy because she loves to wear his badge all the time, or at least admire it on his uniform!

As we wrapped up the week, Elion learned about all different sorts of animals that make dirt their home.

What lives in a hole? Explore with Mother Goose Time in your homeschool. Read why this mother of 5 loves it! #homeschool #mgtblogger #eceWhat lives in a hole?

  • A Mouse
  • A Fox
  • A Snake

She loves to make her very own book each month. I love how these books are bilingual. It makes me wish I would have paid more attention when I was learning a foreign lauguage. Our relatives speak French Canadian, so, this week, I also wrote down the French Canadian verse for each page as well for Elion.

Outside play in homeschool is a must! #homeschool Digging in the Dirt with Mother Goose Time #homeschoolElion, had so much fun playing and laughing while learning about dirt, as she wrapped up this month’s theme. I wanted to get her excited about the next month in what she was learning. I do this with all my kids as they finish a book and start a new one or as they finish a subject. As a kid, when you are done learning one thing it might be hard to pick up another. Heck, as an adult have you ever finished a book and loved it. Then thought, what do I read now and nothing excites you? I have done this and gone months without picking up a new book. Therefore, I try and get my kids excited about something new so they become motivated. Especially when we are coming off a relaxed summer of learning and going into a new year with a routine.

The new theme for the beginning of Elion’s new school year with Mother Goose Time is Fables and Folktales. So in addition to getting the toy box to share with our readers for Fables and Folktales, I wanted to make a new calendar area in our new home.

Lion And The Mouse! Fable Time

I made a calendar lion! Elion loved helping me make this! Then we placed the new ABC flags in the calendar area. This got her excited about reading the Lion and the Mouse.

Calendar Time for Fables Learning!

I also introduced some new felt characters for her, a grasshopper and a ant. I made these from hand with felt. She could not wait to play with them. I cannot wait for the Grasshopper and the Ants story.

Felt Grasshopper and the Ants for Fable learning time!

I am making several more little fun items to share with you through out the month for Fables and Folktales. Also, I want Hubble my 8 year old to learn about the Aesop’s Fables so I will be including him with a older study unit. I have purchased the Aesop Fable book for him. I am looking forward to sharing with our readers how a preschool theme can be easily adapted so multi-age children can learn the same theme.

Fables and Folktales!

Getting ready for a new year of school can be exhausting with looking into new curriculum and researching everything; However, for Elion it was easy because I stayed with what she learns with best. Have fun wrapping up your summer and preparing for your new school year. Just a word of advice from a veteran homeschooling mother of 5, relax, pray, breathe, and most of all get excited too!

Diggin in the Dirt with Mother Goose Time! #homeschool #mgtblogger

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Some Curriculum Changes For Our Family. Persecution And Hurt is Never OK!

Recently, our family and our religion (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) has been a victim of false accusations and attacks. I am saddened in my heart for not only myself, but for my children because they will face religious persecution in their life. Of course, we are taught in the KJV of the Bible that we will be rewarded for persecution. However, as a parent and a human you never want to face it and, frankly, we should not have too.

Being a Christian means you respect others including their religions. You will never catch me stating to another person, “let me tell you why you are not a Christian.” In fact, when someone tells me they are a Christian, I embrace it, I love it, and I need not point out why they are not or why they could never be in my eyes. My beliefs teach me to love my neighbor as myself, be kind, be loving, and be understanding of ALL fellow human beings no matter what. I should not judge some one or make false claims against them. I am not the judger, Heavenly Father is.  Also, I don’t need to tell them what they believe because they know it.

In stating that LDS people are Christians, I do not need to defend that to anyone because I believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of Heavenly Father. He is my Savior and redeemer and that is what a Christian believes. My family loves all regardless of faith.

However, this week Apologia decided to write a hurtful, untrue, and horrible statement regarding Christian, Latter Day Saints. That is why I am leaving them behind. I will be removing the reviews I have posted on them. I cannot and will not stand by a company that lashes out at any faith, not Muslim, not Jewish, not Catholic, not even people who don’t believe in Heavenly Father.

Why will I not support a company that does this? We are free to practice our faith and give others the same respect, see our Articles of Faith. I am not a hateful person and cannot agree with someone who has so much hate for another. I will not be using any products from Apologia or any other companies affiliated with Apologia.  My children will NOT be using any of the books I have purchased, in the future. So I will be removing them from our curriculum completely.

If you have any questions about our Latter Day Saint faith please ask or read The lies written on Apologia’s website are hurtful and UN-Christian like. I want to thank the fellow Christians out there that have also decided to not support this company and its horrible actions. I have seen many non-Latter Day Saints write comments in defending us and I thank you for being a TRUE Christian and loving us and doing good. We also want to thank Apologia for opening our eyes to what they truly feel. We will pray that your hate and disdain for fellow religions are removed from your heart. We also pray that you will understand how hurtful and un-Christian your actions have been.


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What I Learned Homeschooling This Summer!

What I Learned Homeschooling This Summer! Read a veteran homeschooling moms posts on why she will continue summer homeschooling every year! #homeschooling #bookwishes

What I learned homeschooling this summer.

Well let me start off by stating, this is the first year we have done homeschooling over the summer. I chose to do it this year because I felt as my children’s parent and teacher, they would benefit from learning some additional subjects. I also know they love learning and, lets face it, sometimes summer can be a little boring. Ours wasn’t, however, I attribute that to us schooling over the summer.

I learned that a little goes a long way. For instance, Curie wanted to learn more about the Lewis and Clark Expedition. So, I brought along one learning manual and several books on Lewis and Clark. I brought too many on our vacation. Less is more! Limit there choices and then you have more space for other items like tape and pencils that I forgot, HAHA!

Don’t have a routine in the summer, I let my children sleep. I let them play and I let them be bored. Then, when they would say, “mom, what’s there to do?” I would pull out the subject that they picked and say how about this. They were ready to learn after having a little time to explore and do what they wanted.

Oh, yes I mentioned subjects they picked. I wanted them to learn extra on something they wanted to learn about. I did try and sneak a math book in for Franklin and some civil war studies in for Hubble. However, I never pushed them in any of this.

I learned to make everyday a learning experience. We got outside a lot more as we were camping for a long time. I didn’t want just to take a walk sometimes, although it was nice on occasion just to walk. We made fun games like nature scavenger hunt. How many? This was a guessing game my kids made up were they would close there eyes and guess how many birds they could hear. Then we would count them. We talked a lot about science as we were reading a book about a water molecule.

I loved schooling during the summer; however, I also love a routine during the school year. What I am taking with me this year from our summer school is to relax, have fun, and make every moment a learning venture. Also, know when not to push, taking a more gentle approach all around. All to quickly, my children will be in college and I want them to still have that thirst for knowledge.

Oh, before I forget, I want to be more encouraging. I know I have always been encouraging to my children. As I relaxed this summer a bit more, I know I can be more encouraging to my children. Inside, I am so hard on myself thinking I am not trying or doing enough for them when, in fact, I am trying my best and so are they. So I want to start more rewards like certificates and encouraging prizes to help keep up their moral. Letting them know how great they are doing in life and in school!

All in All, I will continue summer schooling every year and have fun while doing it!

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Growing With Mother Goose Time **Plus Baseline Assessment Kit** Don’t Miss Out!

Mother Goose Time for preschool!

Following our journey with Mother Goose Time has been so much fun this year. I have watched Elion grow in learning. She has also grown up so much in this last year. We have decided (my husband and I) to continue Mother Goose Time for Elion’s Kindergarten curriculum. Not only do we believe Mother Goose Time is a great fit for Elion but we love seeing how she loves to learn with Mother Goose Time.

Growing with Mother Goose Time! We are moving on to kinder with this awesome curriculum in our homeschool! #homeschooling

There is a baseline assessment kit that comes in Fables and Folktales. I will admit here and now, I am not that parent that gives my children tests or assessments (until high school), however, in doing the MGT assessment I was delighted with her results. I love how they give a developmental continuum of skills as well. Why do I love it when I am not the kind of parent that likes to give assessments?

I love it for two reasons. First, they give me the option of giving my child an assessment. I can know what Elion has to really work on and what she has down. Either way, I am proud of her progress. As her teacher, I can help and need to help her in education. They let me choose whether I want to give a baseline assessment or not.

Second, my daughter might have Apraxia of Speech. Therefore, with the developmental continuum, I am able to see what bench marks she has hit and which ones she has not, especially in Language and Literacy. So, when she goes into see a speech therapist this year, I will have the knowledge of where she is at with her letter sound connections.

This year, I have watched and learned so many things along side Elion. She loves to have fun, play games, read, tell stories, act out stories, math, science, and writing. She loves learning. Each month a new theme comes and as I prepare to teach her, I get excited. I get excited for her and all she will be learning.

I am not the only one who teaches with Mother Goose Time. My son loves to help, Elion with her math! #homeschooling #mgtblogger

Both of us have grown with Mother Goose Time. MGT has taken me outside the box and made me a better prepared teacher. A teacher that loves teaching preschool and kindergarten. Mother Goose Time for Elion has helped pave her learning pathway. She will continue to use this wonderful curriculum this year and continue to grow in learning.  I am excited to share another year with our readers.


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Science, Logic, And Creative Development With Water! *Family Fun In Learning*

Science, Logic, And Creative Development With Water! Learn about Book Wishes homeschooling families love of Mother Goose Time! #homeschool #mgtbloggerWater, one simple molecule. Who knew one could learn so much with water. This week, we have been finding out through learning science, logic, and creative development and we did all this while having a blast. In August, we begin our homeschooling full-time which means my older children will be busy and not able to join in as much with Elion. However, after the fun we have had this week I will make sure that they are joining in more during the school year. They learn so well together.

Elion learned about animal science this week.

Science, Logic, And Creative Development With Water! Learn about Book Wishes homeschooling families love of Mother Goose Time! #homeschool #mgtbloggerEach animal she learned about, lives in the water.

She explored the following:

  • Animal Movement
  • Animal Sounds
  • Animal Senses
  • How they would eat, what they would eat, and more.

All because of these wonderful animal cards.

July2Each one had a picture of an animal that lives in the water, along with a movement. First, my children moved like that animal (pictured above this picture). Then we explored all about that animal by using the internet with my help. They could hear the sounds of that animal, along with facts. Before we looked up each animal on the internet, we talked about what they thought, what would a frog eat, and how might a snake move through the water. Why are some snakes on land while some stay in the water? The question and answers where so amazing, all prompted by these wonder animal cards from Mother Goose Time.

Elion explored Logic this week as well with one of my favorite games from Mother Goose Time!

Science, Logic, And Creative Development With Water! Learn about Book Wishes homeschooling families love of Mother Goose Time! #homeschool #mgtbloggerWOULD  YOU RATHER?

Would You Rather is a very cute and fun game that makes my kids think. This is how we play since all my kids want to join in. I use the prompt cards that ask the questions and ask them each, Would you rather? They each answer and explain why they chose that answer. Some of my children, especially Elion, will often change her answer based on what her siblings say. I can see her in deep thought before she answers the question, though. Above is a picture of what my children would rather do, well most of them.

Elion, Franklin, and Hubble did a wonderful art project together. I talked to them about the movement of water (again science, LOVE IT). Elion explored movement as she moved water from one cup to another with an eye dropper, as well as, pouring the water.

Science, Logic, And Creative Development With Water! Learn about Book Wishes homeschooling families love of Mother Goose Time! #homeschool #mgtblogger

This was great practice for the art project because they all used the eye droppers to create a movement of water with paint over their umbrella. They each discovered how water moved along the paper creating art! Hubble, however, didn’t like how Elion kept dripping paint water on him! Lots of laughs occurred which made this mom very happy!

I cannot wait to explore dirt together, learning more together. Next month, Mother Goose Time is teaching about Fables And Folktales for little ones. Hurry and order before it is sold out. Here is a sneak peek at the wonderful grab and go games that are in the teacher’s tool bag!

Fables and Folktale Theme for August from Mother Goose Time!

Hope your summer has been a blast. I am looking forward to the new school year and changing seasons in our new home!

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Middle School Curriculum Picks For 2015/2016 **7th Grade **

Earlier this week, I shared our middle school picks for 8th grade for, Einstein. Here is a look at, Curie’s curriculum for 7th grade.

Bible / Prophet Study / Hymn

Discover The Acts of The Apostles

LDS Hymn Book

Y.W. Personal Progress


Life of Fred Liver teaches intermediate mathematics

Adapted Mind (for math practice and some math fun)

Math Facts for CopyworkMath Facts for Copywork

Warm-UPs – Warm-ups, I use for two of my children, Curie and Franklin. They both need help getting started for the day. I will do an entire post on the warm-ups we use and why. At the end of this month.

Language Arts

Language Lessons for the Secondary Child Volume 1 Spelling Wisdom US book 1

Homeschool Copywork – I highly suggest purchasing the lifetime membership. I only purchased a year and will kick myself! Love this site.


The Herbalist's Way: The Art and Practice of Healing with Plant Medicines by Nancy and Michael Phillips -- click for excerptsApologia has been removed from our curriculum. Added in it’s place 200pixCellsCover_SquareCanvas

Geography / History

Paths of Progress Packages

Picture Study


Poetry / Art

Emily Dickinson


Music Study with the Masters Beethoven 1770-1827 (first term)


I will be teaching Curie, how to sew this semester. Clothes and Quilts! So much fun

Foreign Language

Middlebury French


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Learning, Playing And Laughing In Water! **MGT**

Learning, Playing and Laughing in Water!Of course, summer is a time for playing in water! What about learning with water , as well as,having fun while learning? Sounds fun, for children of all ages(especially a 5-year-old) like my Elion!


Mixing In Water

Mixing In Water #mgtbloggerElion poured a little paint in the plastic cup, then added water.

Question: “Will the paint mix with water?”

Elion: “Yes!”

The red and orange mixed well the purple, however, didn’t!

Learning, Playing and Laughing in Water!She wanted them all to mix so, she just used her fingers to give the purple a good mix!

Learning, Playing and Laughing in Water! Mixing With Water #mgtblogger

Let the splash painting begin! All my children loved this art project. My only regret, not buying bigger paper to get one masterpiece (with all of them).

Learning, Playing and Laughing in Water!Final result! Look at those smiles!

Sorting In Water

Learning, Playing and Laughing in Water!

Learning about how important clean water is! We talked about our recent read, A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park.

Then Elion, learned about what is suppose to be in water and what pollutes water.

Natural Items: Rocks, Twigs, Shells

Pollution: (we pretended) foam -old tires, sticks-trash, sunflower seeds-oil/chemicals Elion, as well as, my other children tried to pick out all the bad stuff from the water. Our water became clean again! However, nobody wanted to drink the water. My family knows how lucky we are to have such a precious resource,  CLEAN WATER!

Science With Water learned about Solid, Liquid, Gas (the water cycle). placed her ice cubes outside, then watched them melt from inside! LOL It’s too hot to watch them outside. The ice cubes quickly turned to water.

Then we placed that water in a pot and boiled it. So, Elion could see the evaporation process.

Mother Goose Time also gave these wonderful cards to show the process! However, juice spilled on ours. Sorry no picture….

Learn while having fun with Book Wishes! Come subscribe to their site to see all the wonderful educational tools, books and more they write about!Elion, is having fun with water this summer indoors, as well as, outdoors. With, Mother Goose Time not only is she able to laugh and play with water. Elion, learns while doing both! Playing is a fun way to learn. Have fun and let your child play while learning, then they learn more. Because they are having fun creating a memory and a moment. They will not forget what they learned because of the memory that goes with it. Mother Goose Time  helps create learning memories for us.

Next week, Elion is learning all about dirt! She loves laughing and playing this month with all the elements. Becoming a TRUE Nature Detective!

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Middle School Curriculum Picks for 2015/2016 *8th Grade*

Over the next few weeks I will share with you our picks for curriculum for the 2015/2016 school year. Einstein our oldest is in 8th grade this year! I cannot believe we have a teenager. These are the courses we picked together.

Bible / Prophet Study / Hymn

Wisdom for Life: A Proverbs Bible Study

LDS Hymn Book

Duty to God


Art of Problem Solving Online Course and Book for Algebra


BYU Independent Study Online Courses (ENGL Part 1 035) with Textbook ( Half Credit)


The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book   -     By: Teresa Bondora  Apologia has been removed from our curriculum.

The 3 above are left over from last year, however, he will be done with them mid semester. We will then introduce:

The Elements


Joshua through Malachi & Ancient GreeceBoy of the PyramidsBook of Centuries Notebook

World Religion

Picture Study

The Stuff They Left Behind portfoliosAncient Greece and Ancient Rome


Enjoy the Poems Robert Louis Stevenson


Music Study with the Masters Beethoven 1770-1827 First Term

Chopin 1810-1849 Second Term

Foreign Language

Fourth Form Latin


I am really hoping to get the math course that he wanted this year, we might have to figure something different out while we save for the AOPS course. Online courses sometimes can be pricey. However, AOPS comes recommended from a friend so I really wanted it for him!


Can She Find All The Letters? How A Simple Scavenger Hunt Can Help Your Little One Learn Their Letters! **MGT**

This month, we received alphabet sticks in our Mother Goose Time’s Nature Detective kit! So, my children set off to help Elion find every letter. We went on a trip at home and around the area we live, to find all the letters A-Z! Here is what she found!

Learning The Alphabet with a simple scavenger hunt! #homeschooling #kinderA is for American Flag

B is for Boat

C is for Clean Up

Learning The Alphabet with a simple scavenger hunt! #homeschooling #kinderD is for Dirt

E is for Eggs

F is for Flower

Learning The Alphabet with a simple scavenger hunt! #homeschooling #kinderG is for Golf Cart

H is for Horse

I is for Ice Cream

J is for Jenga

K is for Kitten (that was just meowing, looking scary! LOL)

Learning The Alphabet with a simple scavenger hunt! #homeschooling #kinderL is for Lion

M is for Map

N is for Nesting Dolls

O is for Ocean Commotion MGT CD

P is for Pinecone

Learning The Alphabet with a simple scavenger hunt! #homeschooling #kinderQ is for Quartz

R is for Rocks

S is for Sand

T is for Tractor

U is for Uniform (Daddy’s Uniform, way too BIG!)

Learning The Alphabet with a simple scavenger hunt! #homeschooling #kinderV is for Vest

W is for Water

X is for X-Ray!

Learning The Alphabet with a simple scavenger hunt! #homeschooling #kinderY is for Yarn

Z is for Zig Zag Zebra!

And now she knows her ABC’s next time won’t you scavenger hunt with me! Thanks Mother Goose Time for another awesome way to learn!

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Discovering The Five Senses with Nature!

Discovering The Five Senses with Mother Goose Time's Nature Detectives

Teaching the five senses at a young age gives children a good base to start reflecting on using them as they get older and to learn with all five and not just one or two.  For instance, if we are taught to stop and smell the roses, we will often do that, whether on a nature hike or just in life. Teaching my Elion to walk among nature and look, listen, touch, taste and smell, will allow her to appreciate the beauty that surrounds her. This week Elion discovered her five senses while learning about AIR!

Floating in the air….

What items float through the air, how do they look as they float. Elion stopped to look, then to listen. Listening to the breeze. She quickly discovered that the wind must be moving to make items float through it.

Hot Air Ballon Craft for Kinder

Up Up and Away in Our Hot Air Balloons!

What kind of items can float in the air? Hot Air Ballons!

Flying in the air……

Flying through the Air with Feathers! #mgtblogger

Elion learning with feathers as she pretends to fly through the air!

Discovering how it would be to fly, Elion wanted to know how it would feel to touch the air with wings if she was a bird. Elion wants to fly, “the air would be neat to glide through”, she tells me.

Breathing the air….

Can we taste air, yes according to Elion she can. She tastes the smell of fresh rain that comes through her nose traveling on the air. This came in play in the Good Smell Bad Smell.

Making scented bags from nature

Smelling Nature Around Us with Scented Nature Bags

Colors in the air……

Creative Disappearing Rainbows for Colors In The Air!

Creative Disappearing Rainbows for Colors In The Air!

Rainbows are in the air, light reflections that can be seen not touched. How might a rainbow smell? Like fruit is Elion’s answer. Why can’t you touch a rainbow? Because they disappear. We talked about all the five senses with rainbows and I loved all the answers or the, I don’t know’s, that I received.

Listening to the air…..

Listening to the Air! Listening As Things Guide or Fall.

What does the air tell us Elion? That there are birds near by or when its windy outside.

As we listened to the air and played games together, I watched how Elion discovered her five senses through air and grew to understand why we need air. We talked about what we could do to keep the air clean and why plants are important in having clean air. Recently, my family has been looking into helping get clean water to other countries and how we can help. Now Elion wants to plant trees to help with clean air as well.

Elion Listening to Her Mother Goose Time Nature Detective Music!

Elion Listening to Her Mother Goose Time Nature Detective Music!

Next time you are out and about in nature, take a moment to teach your little one about their five senses using the nature around them. Learning to appreiciate every part of our beautiful Mother Earth! Thank you Mother Goose Time for giving us a little Nature Detective of our own! Elion loves this month’s learning theme!

Grab your Mother Goose Time box for next month Fables and Folktales!

Order your Mother Goose Time just in time for school start up! August is Fables and Folktales

Order HERE!


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