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The Alphabet House Learning A to Z with the World Around Us! **Wrap Up**

The Alphabet House with Mother Goose Time, wrap up this month with Book Wishes! #homeschooling #mgtblogger

This month has been so much fun for Elion. She has learned so much about homes. She has done this all while reviewing her alphabet, shapes, and numbers. Here are some of my favorite moments with The Alphabet House theme this month.

A is for Awesome RV’s

Learning about R.V's with Mother Goose Time's Alphabet House for the month of June! #mgtblogger

Elion is camping and traveling this month for our family adventure and daddy’s work. Learning about R V’s was the best because we have stayed at some nice R V parks with our camper.

B is for Books!

Book list with Mother Goose Time are wonderful! #mgtblogger

We love the Mother Goose Time book lists. We read the books together often. The member resources with Mother Goose Time are a blessing for our homeschooling.

C is for Crayons and Coloring

Coloring with Mother Goose Time! #mgtblogger #homeschooling

Not only does Elion love the wonderful items Mother Goose Time gives here to color but I love how I can print fun educational coloring sheets from member resources on their website.

D is for Discovery

Discovery with Mother Goose Time

Elion discovers science, math, literature, and more. Every month she discovers more with each theme. Last month, the MGT theme was growing gardens. This month with the alphabet house she not only discovered her letters in each room of the house, around our campsite, and on our travels. She has fun learning, developing, and progressing with MGT.

E is for Excitement

Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador

I see how excited Elion gets when learning with Mother Goose Time. She lights up the room when she learns with smiles. Learning with Mother Goose Time is awesome!

Mother Goose Time Wrap Up! The Alphabet House

I cannot wait to share our learning with Nature Detectives and we have a great surprise. We will be adding the educational toys for Nature Detectives for all our readers to see! I also cannot wait for you and us to take a peek inside Mother Goose Time’s monthly toy box. Another Mother Goose Time blogger, Things to Share and Remember, loves the themed toy box, so I cannot wait for ours to come!

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The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare **GeoMatters Offers Homeschoolers the BEST Literature**

GeoMatters offers Homeschoolers the BEST literature. Read a veteran homeschooling mom's thoughts on GeoMatters. Book WIshes #geomatters #homeschooling #literature

We are Charlotte Mason homeschoolers. Well, I try to be with most of my children. I do add some other studies here and there. For the most part, I stick to a Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling my children. Literature is very important in any homeschool, especially to C.M. homeschoolers. We love living books. What are living books? You ask, well, there is not just one definition of a living book, however, I have summed it up to 3 parts.

  1. They come alive to the reader, not like a textbook. Living books teach without the textbook style.
  2. The author has experience on that subject or a good understanding or the author has lived in the time period and has experienced the events.
  3. They are educational, my children will learn something from this book. A living book teaches something.

With GeoMatters, the literature has reached out and spoken to my family. They fit all three of my rules above in a living book. My children love to read the literature they offer. They learn in great length with these wonderful books.

The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare


Recently, we finished a book that GeoMatters offers on their site. The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare. The Bronze Bow is about a young boy named Daniel, who is in the mountains. He is an abused runaway from his village that was sold to a blacksmith owner. The setting of The Bronze Bow is biblical times when Jesus preached on the earth.

The book comes alive to reader, as Daniel meets new/old friends from his village. He soon learns he can return and then his life is turned upside down with decisions he makes for his future.

This book taught my children about what it would be like to be alive in the time of the Romans by learning about names of cities, where people lived, what they ate, and why Jews wanted to fight against the Romans that ruled. Also, along Daniel’s journey he meets Jesus. The Bronze Bow gave my children a lesson  in kindness and hatred. Daniel learns many other things like to forgive and let go and what is important and what is not.

Author Elizabeth George Speare must have researched this time period to explain so vividly the surrounding, the historic events, and the scriptural events. The Bronze Bow is written so the reader cannot take a side, roman or Jew, giving the reader the ability to make up there own mind.

Overall, this is another wonderful addition to our home library that my children will read again and again. Plus, The Bronze Bow is a winner of the Newbery Medal.

I cannot go wrong with the literature of GeoMatters. They have such wonderful literature to offer. Head over to GeoMatters and check out their selection of books that will have you thanking us! Happy Summer Reading!

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Animal Homes Outside **Exploring with Mother Goose Time** The Importance of Outdoor Learning

Animal Homes Outside, Exploring with Mother Goose Time. The Importance of learning outside from Book WishesThis week we used our outdoor time to learn about/explore animal homes all around the area we are camping! Elion explored the area for spider webs (a spider’s home) first! I will admit there was no lack of spider webs around the camping area or the docks by the river.

Exploring Outside with Mother Goose Time! #preschool #mgtblogger #homeschoolExploring and learning outside is a good way for my daughter to learn because she loves being outside all the time. Mother Goose Time creates a curriculum that is adaptable to all environments. So even on vacation, Elion can discover, learn, and apply her learning. Above, we did a science experiment with web life. Elion wrapped two “Y”-shaped sticks with sticky tape. To make a web, then she observed her sticky web each day to see the new bugs that unfortunately got caught. I am sad to say after 2 days her webs disappeared from our campsite?

Music Study Outside with Mother Goose TimeHow could a 5-year-old learn about spiders without music time singing, The itsy bitsy spider! Elion even had a beautiful, vivid poster with a spider and a web for her to play pretend with her spider. Also, she got up close and personal with some spiders webs/spiders at the boat dock down by the river. Personally, I do not like spiders, however, Elion likes them and wants to be their friend. I guess everyone needs a friend, even a spider!

Spider Web Craft with Mother Goose Time! #mgtbloggerSpider Web Craft from Mother Goose Time #mgtblogger #homeschoolNext, she made a wonderful spider web herself. We also had some left over stickers of raindrops from a previous MGT craft. Elion made it rain on her spider web! Creative little girl!

My daughters playing with the wonderful story set that comes each month with Mother Goose Time. Stop over to Book Wishes and read why we love MGT so much! #mgtblogger #homeschoolMother Goose Time has a story set every month that goes along with the wonderful book! Elion and her sister Curie have so much fun each month pretending together.

Beaver Homes! Exploring Outside with Mother Goose Time #outsideplayI was disappointed to not find any beaver homes on our exploring for Elion. However, I plan to explore more this week and hopefully we can find one on our journey. Outdoor learning for children is important by getting outside, not only does Elion get physical activity, but in the future she will be healthier. She also gains learning that is different than in a classroom environment because she is free to explore, expand, learn resourcefulness, and understanding of her environment around her.

I love how adaptable Mother Goose Time is for our wonderful outdoor learning environment this summer. I cannot wait for more nature discovery next month with Nature Detectives. Also, make sure to follow Mother Goose Time on Instagram to see all the latest pictures of little ones loving learning with Mother Goose Time!


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Have You Heard About The Adventures of Munford by Jamie Aramini From GeoMatters?

The Adventures of Munford Series is incredible. Stop by Book Wishes and read why! #geomatters #homeschooling

If you haven’t heard about The Adventures of Munford from GeoMatters, than I am glad you are reading this! I too had never heard of this wonderful series before last year and now my children cannot stop reading them. We have included Munford Meets Lewis and Clark in our daughter, Curie’s, Lewis and Clark study this summer. We also read Munford: The American Revolution with our Trail Guide To Learning, Paths of Settlement this school year.

Our family loves The Adventures of Munford series for reading, math, history and science! #geomatters #homeschooling

Both books are fantastic and my kids cannot wait to read them all. The Adventures of Munford series is written by Jamie Aramini. These books are about Munford’s adventures. Who is Munford? He is a molecule, 2 parts hydrogen 1 part oxygen. That’s right! He is a water molecule!

In Munford’s adventure with Lewis and Clark, he takes the journey with them. Munford watches from the top of Lewis’s hat, takes a ride down the river, looking down from a rain cloud, or frozen during the winter to the bottom of a coat. Munford is an adventure himself. He takes my kids with him right into the book.

This series lets my kids learn about history while they laugh, giggle, and love Munford along the way. His adventures explain history and paint a vivid picture of what is was like to be walking in the path Lewis and Clark took. Also, along with history there are touches of science scattered throughout. In Lewis and Clark, Munford teaches the reader about the water cycle, chemistry, and more.

My kids love how much fun Munford is and he makes them laugh. As their mom/teacher, I love how The Adventures of Munford series is loved as a read aloud by all my children. Even my littlest Elion (5) listens to the adventures, as well as, my oldest son Einstein (12).

The Book Wishes Family loves the literature from GeoMatters. Hurry over and read why, so you can add these books to your homeschool next year! #geomatters #homeschool

Overall, this series is a number one hit with us! If you are looking for a interesting series that teaches your child history in a exciting way. The Adventures of Munford by Jamie Aramini is a wonderful addition to your child’s studies. My daughter Curie really enjoyed Munford Meets Lewis and Clark while completing Lewis and Clark *Hands On* Art and English Activities!

Grab your Adventure of Munford book from GeoMatters, paperback 8.95! Hurry for some educational summer reading. Have a great summer!

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Bathrooms, Doors and Windows **How Might Other Children’s Look?** Cultural Learning with Mother Goose Time

Bathrooms, Doors and Windows From Here and There with Mother Goose Time! #mgtblogger

If you have been following Elion’s journey this month, she is reviewing her letters with The Alphabet House. The Alphabet House from Mother Goose Time teaches her about responsibility, caring, homes like ours, as well as, animal homes all while reviewing her letters, numbers and shapes that she has learned throughout this last school year.

This week, Elion learned about bathrooms, doors and windows. I also added a little to her learning this week when we learned about bathrooms. We didn’t just learn about our bathroom we learned how other children’s bathrooms might look. Also, we learned how other children use the bathroom (all around the world).

Blowing Bubbles with Mother Goose Time while learning about Bathrooms. #mgtblogger

Elion started with bubbles. I must admit, I could not keep her from the bubbles in the bag. First, she loves bubbles and, second, the container was pink!

Does your preschooler know about bathroom hygiene? Have them learn that and other fun stuff with Mother Goose Time. #mgtblogger

Then Elion learned about hand washing and how important it is to have clean hands. We also talked about water. Water, a precious resource that we sometimes take for granted. I wanted Elion to think if she didn’t have water, how would she wash her hands? How would she go the bathroom differently if there was no water? Her answer, she had no idea. We talked about clean drinking water and how we could help others that did not have it. Elion then began talking to me on ways we could help save water.

Fun project for little ones this summer! Bubble Art!

Bubble Art! #mgtblogger

Later, we had a little fun with bubble painting. Elion loved bubble painting. She filled a small cup with water and then we added a few drops of Elsa (frozen) colored paint. Then Elion took a paper and put it underneath the full cup. Using a straw, she blew bubbles in the cup and let the bubbles over flow onto the paper.


Elion had so much fun learning about doors and windows. We first talked about doors and windows in other countries and how they might look. Elion talked about how some people don’t even have windows. We have been reading a book about a boy in Sudan and he lived in a clay hut. I love how Elion can relate stories and life to her learning time with Mother Goose Time.

We played a wonderful game with the doors and keys that Mother Goose provided.

Learning about Doors and Windows with Mother Goose Time #mgtblogger

First, I placed all the door cards on the ground outside and asked Elion to add the matching color keys to each door. The brown doors didn’t have keys. We didn’t have that color, so Elion just pretended they had no locks.

I then picked a door that I wanted Elion to find and told her clues about that door. She used the process of elimination to find the door.

The Alphabet House with Mother Goose Time #mgtblogger


Then, she quickly flipped the door over to find her animal friend!

All my kids played this door game of clue together and had so much fun.

I think it is important to give Elion a look at other cultures of the world. I loved adding them in to her learning by looking up pictures of what other children’s windows, doors and bathrooms might look like. She explored how it might feel to be in another country and took a step into other children’s shoes for a short time.

If I was not on vacation and home I would have gone a little more in depth with her reading and learning. Mother Goose Time gives us such a great curriculum already. Sometimes, I choose to expand her learning on one subject and, sometimes, I leave it alone. Either way, Elion had a wonderful time with her Alphabet review with The Alphabet House!

Next month, become a detective with your little ones with Nature Detectives!

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Teach Your Children The Importance of Water! A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park **Newbery Medal Winner**


A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park. Read a great review from Book Wishes on this Newbery Medal Winner!

Water, such a precious resource most of us take for granted. I wanted to teach my children the importance of this life-giving resource.  So I searched the internet for a wonderful book that I could read to all my children. I found A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, inspired by a true story.

A Long Walk to Water, is an amazing account of two lives, Nya’s story starts in 2008 in South Sudan. Nya has to travel to a pond for water each day, the trip takes her all day. Then in the winter Nya’s family gets water from a dried pond that Nya’s has to dig a deep hole in the cracked clay so water can seep through. Once Nya sees water she collects it then carries it back to her home. The water she collects is muddy, unclean and makes some people sick, like her brother.

Salva’s story starts in 1985 with war raging in South Sudan. Salva is forced from his village to walk to a refugee camp. Salva is a young boy faced with the reality that he might never see his family again, (mother, father, brothers and sisters). Salva’s journey is a long one, he endures so much hunger, thirst, deaths of loved ones, pain, heartache. Also Salva’s journey includes, hope, love, compassion, learning, life, as well as, a future.

Both stories come together in the book giving the reader inspiration! As my children and I read both Nya’s and Salva’s beautiful stories of their life experiences. I listened as my children cried from the sadness, rejoiced in new beginnings and laughed at the funny times as we read Nya’s and Salva’s journey of life.

Overall this is a wonderful book that I read to all my children ages 5 through 12. All my children loved this book and could not wait to pick it up again. As we read, they were shocked that some people in other countries have to walk so far to water. We talked about our journey to water. Right now, we are camping so our journey is right to the hose. At home our journey to clean, cool water is right to our kitchen or bathroom.

Salva’s story has encouraged myself, as well as, my children to start efforts in how we can help with clean drinking water in other countries or the homelessness that is happening right here in America. We also thought of the fight against hunger in all countries including our own.

The strength of the characters in this book is an example to us all. Not just the two main characters had strength and perseverance. One character stood out to our family, on how we should be ourselves in a time of hardship.

As Salva was walking with a group across the long hot desert to a refugee camp. They came across men dying on the sand. Each of them had only one gourd of water. Some of the women decided to give water to the men dying on the sand. They were cautioned not too, by many of the others. We were so proud of the women that gave some of their water, we rejoiced in their decision to help and not pass by. Life is like this, I told my children. We can either chose to help or to just pass by and keep for ourselves. We loved that they helped and I know we would do the same.

Beautiful read that is worth placing on your book shelf for the future! LOVE! Purchase A Long Walk To Water from Amazon for 4.22. This is a short read at only 128 pages cover to cover.


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Teaching Responsibility Early with Pet Care

Teaching Young Children Responsibility with Pet Care. Mother Goose Time's The Alphabet House is a wonderful way to teach this to young children! #mgtblogger

I think that young children are often not asked to help out enough. In my home, since we are a large family, helping out around the house and when we go somewhere is expected of my children. Of course, helping out and chores should be age appropriate. I never expect my children to do something that this mom should be doing as a mother. The idea is to teach my children responsibility, yet still allowing them to stay young.

This last week with Mother Goose Time, Elion learned about taking care of a pet. We have a pet in our home named Salem, a 4-year-old cat that Elion cannot remember life without. He is a nice cat that stays indoors and does not go outside to roam. He is very gentle with Elion.

Teaching young children pet care is so much fun with Mother Goose Time's The Alphabet House #mgtblogger

Elion learned that caring for a pet is a big responsibility because, before her lesson, I had her give Salem his water and food. She also helped me sweep up and vacuum his hair. Then we talked about other pets and what it might be like to take care of them.

See how one mom teaches her young child pet care with Mother Goose Time! #mgtblogger

Bird! Elion loved putting together and playing this bird logic game where she rolled the dice and if she could say the number on the dice, she could add a part of the bird. Her sister Curie helped with her lesson that day and they had so much fun putting the bird together. They both made up several games to increase Elion’s learning she had to use addition in some and guessing in others that they made up!

Sisters working together in homeschool! #mgtblogger

Elion put together a billugal book on pets as we talked about her favorite pet. Her favorite happened to be a cat, although a turtle or lemur came in a quick second. Then we talked about what animals would not be good to have as a pet.

Want to teach your child pet care this summer. Read all about The Alphabet House with Mother Goose Time and order yours today. #mgtblogger

I love the excitement that Elion had when she was making this wonderful book with Curie and myself! She talked about what it would be like to have all these different animals.

When she was almost done for the day, I introduced a cardboard bone to Elion. This is where her pretend play set in. I asked her to think about why a dog likes a bone and why she thought it was important to give a dog a bone. To my surprise, even though we don’t have a dog and, frankly, we are a cat family, she told me about giving animals treats like I give her. She also told me that a dog has big teeth and needs something to chew on. Then she set off to pretend she was a dog.

Days are fun with Mother Goose Time and The Alphabet House is an amazing theme that is exploring so many areas of inside people homes, animal homes, as well as, teaching letter, color, and shape review along the way.

Learning colors in preschool with Mother Goose Time #mgtblogger


Elion reviewed her colors by adding the same colored bird to the bird house. My favorite part is having my asst. teacher for the day. Curie loves to jump in and help. During the summer as our lessons slow a bit, my children have extra time to help each other. Curie and Elion are the best of friends!

Learning Pet Care with Mother Goose Time #mgtblogger

Also, this week some great craft projects for your household helpers!

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Pretend Play Increases A Child’s Learning? ** Plus! Bonus Washing Machine Craft**

Increase your child's learning with pretend play. Mother Goose Time is the homeschool curriculum we use that incorporates pretend play in learning.

We have all seen our children pretend play. They pretend to play kitchen together, house, knights, animals, vet clinic, grocery store, and those are just a few that are played in our home. Pretend or make-believe play for children is a great way for children to increase their learning. While some think pretend play is just play, it is actually so much more. Pretend play is a great way for a child to grow in learning in all subjects. For a great article for the benefits of pretend or make-believe play, click here.

Mother Goose Time this month has so many opportunities for Elion to increase her learning with pretend play. Each month Elion is given a little script with a story on it. Our entire family acts that script out. As they perform this dramatic pretend play, Elion, is learning how to help around the house and that cleaning is helpful. She is learning to communicate her lines, use her memory, kindness towards others, and helpfulness all while having fun.

Then, another wonderful lesson we had this week was on laundry. How can pretending to wash clothes, help Elion? Even in the simplest of lessons, (at least I think they are simple) she learns so much. This month we have been doing our laundry at a laundry mat. She has been accustom to mom doing the laundry at home. This month she has had more chances to help by moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Elion was so excited to make her own wash machine.

Make a wash machine with your preschooler. Come see how Book Wishes made theirs with Mother Goose Time #mgtblogger

Materials Needed:

  • Paper Plate
  • Clear Plastic Sheet
  • White Cardstock
  • White Paper (for coloring the clothes)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers or Stickers to Decorate

Mother Goose Time's The Alphabet House is so much fun for the month of June! #mgtblogger

Elion colored her clothes first. Then she cut a hole in her plate and glued in the plastic. She then placed all the clothes she colored in the middle of the white cardstock. She chose not to glue the clothes down because she wanted hers to move like real clothes in a washer. Finally, she glued down the plate and decorated her washing machine.

Making our washing machine! Learn how you can make yours on Book Wishes #mgtblogger

Right after she got done with this washing machine, she began pretending it was real. She shared this with her sister who wanted to pretend with her and then they were having fun doing pretend laundry. As I observed Elion play pretend, I noticed as she talked about how much money they would charge for each load of laundry. Using math skills, she then wanted some quarters from my purse, hehe. I also noticed how she talked about the responsibility of doing laundry. Now when she is grown up, she will have to do real laundry. She displayed organizational skills with sorting laundry and so forth.

Elion learning her alphabet with Mother Goose Time's Alphabet House #mgtblogger

Elion also got to hang up alphabet laundry. She had to match the lower case letter with the capital or upper case letter. The clothes pins were the upper case letters and the clothes were the lower case letters. She talked about the colors of the clothing as she was hanging them on her pretend clothes line! This was a highlight project. Elion really loved hanging her alphabet laundry. She even sang while she worked!

The Alphabet House with Mother Goose Time #mgtblogger

Pretend or make-believe play in the Mother Goose Time curriculum is important to Elion and to me as her mother/teacher. Mother Goose Time understands that pretend play increases my daughters learning and I love how I don’t have to try to fit it in our learning time. Elion gets a chance to learn through her imagination. Growing her math, science, creative, as well as, social/development skills.

Learning the alphabet with pretend play! Come read this homeschooling mom's blog she uses Mother Goose Time for her daughters curriculum. She how she inspires others mom's to homeschool and love it! #mgtblogger #homeschool

What might it be like to be in a house with dirty dishes? How can I help? How much does a load of laundry cost? How can I help with laundry in our house?

As she is playing, she is answering and understanding the questions above. She is learning. She is learning and having an amazing time doing it. One of the many reasons I love homeschooling is my children love to learn!

Become a Nature Detective with Mother Goose Time in July 2015 #mgtblogger

Grab your Mother Goose Time for next month and see what kind of pretend fun you can have with your son or daughter as a Nature Detective. I must admit I have not been more excited about a theme from Mother Goose Time as much as this one. We are a nature loving family and I know that all my children will be getting in on helping Elion with her Detective skills!

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Summer Reading with The Alphabet House!

Summer Reading with your preschooler can be so much fun with Mother Goose Time's awesome book lists! Summer reading for my preschooler is fun with Mother Goose Time and The Alphabet House. It is obvious that our family loves to read and promoting reading to young children inspires them to love to read as well.  Each month with Mother Goose Time we use the member resource tab to print out a book list that goes along with the theme that month. I try and find most of the books at the library on the book list. I look them up and research each one so I can pick a few to add to our home book shelf as well. Barnes and Noble is my friend!

Order Mother Goose Time through Book Wishes link and get amazing curriculum and summer reading resources!

The book list from Mother Goose Time is wonderful, I do add some books of my own as well. This month with The Alphabet House, Elion is learning about all kinds of things such as homes from a house to R.V, apartments, and animal homes. I love this theme because she is also working on her letter review. Summer reading for Elion's Alphabet House! #mgtblogger

A few books on the reading list that we loved this month are

  • The Napping House by Audrey Wood
  • Moving Day by Stan and Jan Berenstain
  • The Three Little Pigs by Paul Galdone

A few books we added

  • Home Sweet Home (Lift the Flap Book)
  • The ABC Book by GD Vintage
  • Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

I love Mother Goose Time’s book list because not only does this list save me time, but I love reading some of the books to get Elion ready for learning about the new theme. Most months, I am able to find all the books and read them. Since we are camping this month, I limited the books we brought along. LOL It was hard for this book mom.

I love these lists and when you order Mother Goose Time not only do you get everything in the box but you also get the member resources tab. It rocks! Elion will have the best summer reading with this great resource.

The book moving day that was on the reading list this month added a great surprise to Elion’s project. Elion learned about welcoming guests to her home and made a wonderful welcome sign!

The Alphabet House with Mother Goose Time. Making a welcome sign for guests! #mgtblogger Have your preschooler make this wonderful welcome sign for your summer time guest with Mother Goose Time! #mgtbloggerIn the book Moving Day by Stan and Jan Berenstain, there are some great stickers that she added to her welcome sign! She hung her sign on our camper for all the fellow campers to see! Elion is ready for her friends and guests to come visit us on our adventures this summer.

Learning about R.V's with The Alphabet House Letter Review for preschoolers with Mother Goose Time #mgtbloggerShe also learned about R.V’s this last week which was perfect for our family. Since we are camping, there are so many things for Elion to see and relate too! She just loved adding shapes to the camp site and camper (picture above).

Summer is awesome in our house with Mother Goose Time! #mgtblogger

Elion has been having so much fun reviewing her alphabet with The Alphabet House.



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Starting a New Monthly Topic with Theme Based Learning *The Alphabet House*

The Alphabet House with Mother Goose Time! #mgtblogger


Starting a new theme or monthly topic for Elion’s preschool is fun and a little scary. The fun part, theme based learning in preschool, has been a wonderful fit for Elion. She learns so much in one month it is quite surprising how much a preschooler can learn when you stick with a theme each month. I love to get her excited about the theme that she will be learning by reading some books that have to do with the theme. This month the theme is The Alphabet House, Letter Review And A Home for You. Mother Goose Time gives you a list of books to read with your child in the member resource tab. The code for that resource is in your teacher’s guide.

Starting the Alphabet House for the month of June with Mother Goose Time. See why we love MGT's Theme Based learning! #mgtblogger

Then when starting a new topic, Elion loves to add to her Mother Goose Time travel board. I say travel board because we took the advice of a fellow Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador and made a MGT board that can go anywhere. This has really helped on our vacation.

Theme based learning in preschool with Mother Goose Time! #mgtblogger

Then, I have mommy and me time and pick a quiet spot for Elion and I to read the book that comes with each theme. This month with The Alphabet House, the book is Goldilocks!

The scary part of theme based learning is how will Elion like the theme that she is learning? Will Elion want to move on from what she was learning last month? Did she learn enough last month or should I go over the topic some more with this theme? What do I do with all the left over material that, frankly, this busy mom of 5 didn’t get too?

So far so wonderful! Elion has loved each and every theme with Mother Goose Time. Why? Because MGT comes up with the best themes I have seen in a preschool curriculum. Does she want to move on to the next theme, oh yes she does! Elion is 5 and her attention span is not that long and she loves to learn new things all the time. A month is the perfect amount of time for her age. After one month, she is ready to start a new topic!  I have never felt the need to do more because I have learned over the last year to let her learning be guided by her and not me. In doing that, she learns more at her own pace and never feels pushed.

I want her to love learning and never push her to complete something she doesn’t want to do at this age. She loves the ability to say to me, “mom can we be done.” And my answer is always, “yes”.

What do I do with the left over material. Well, I have had so many wonderful ideas from other MGT blog Ambassadors, however, for now I am going to store them away for a rainy day for just some fun learning. I have even had my other kids complete them when they want something to do and they love it. A little review is great for any age, even me!

make your own travel board for your preschooler this summer!

Theme based learning is what fits for Elion, she loves it. We have been a Charlotte Mason Homeschooling family for a while. However, with Elion she has really embraced Mother Goose Time and I love it. I try to add our method in their, as well. Mother Goose Time has taught me that there is more than one way to learn and to teach and using multiple methods can be good for a homeschooling family!

I look forward to sharing more this month on this wonderful topic, The Alphabet House. This is a great theme that has really fit us this month. Have a wonderful summer and grab your Mother Goose Time!


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