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Books On Feelings For Children

Books of Feelings for Children from Book Wishes, a wonderful site to learn about great books! #books #education #homeschooling #feelings #children

Next month my daughter Elion, will be learning about Friends and Feelings. What better way to get her excited, than through books! Below are four books that gave Elion great examples of feelings. After we read each book, together we discussed the feelings that were mentioned in the story. I told Elion how I express those particular feelings and she told me how she expressed them. Learning about feelings together!

All About Love:

Books of Feelings for Children from Book Wishes, a wonderful site to learn about great books! #books #education #homeschooling #feelings #children

Yummiest Love by Lisa McCourt, is a wonderfully illustrated book, written from the parents (in this case, mama/papa bear) perspective. Teaching children that we love everything about them. I personally liked the part on food in the story. Mama bear states that she loves baby bear even when she dislikes broccoli, also when broccoli was her favorite, again. Letting my daughter know that I love it when she has her own mind, however, indecisive it may be (LOL). No matter what her daddy and I love her!

Great read for ages 2 plus, Elion loved this book! Add to your Goodreads or Purchase on Amazon for (Used) 5.50. If you have little ones this is a at home library keeper.

Being Scared:

Books of Feelings for Children from Book Wishes, a wonderful site to learn about great books! #books #education #homeschooling #feelings #children

There’s Something In My Attic by Mercer Meyer, is a cute book that lets children’s know that it is ok to be scared. In this case, what the little girl is scared of is more afraid of her. After living in the city, her family has moved to the country were there are all kinds of bumps and creaks in the night. She is determined to find what bumps in the attic. Of course, the monster she finds there is more scared of her than she is of it!

Beautiful illustrations, of course author Mercer Mayer is one of my children’s favorite authors. He also wrote the little critter series, as well as, There’s A Nightmare In My Closet. Overall I would purchase any of Mayer’s books for my children!

Add to your Goodreads or Purchase on Amazon (New) 5.99

Happiness and Family:

Books of Feelings for Children from Book Wishes, a wonderful site to learn about great books! #books #education #homeschooling #feelings #children

The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster and Chris Raschka, is now my daughters favorite book! Elion adores the vivid colors in all the illustrations. She loves reading this book over and over. This is a cute book about a girl who goes to stay with her grandparents, she loves her family. The window in their home she has labeled the hello, goodbye window, she is so happy to have this window. She even pretends the window is magical! At the end of the story, she is picked up by her parents which she is happy about, however, she is also sad because it means she has to leave. I loved talking with my daughter on how its ok to be happy at the same time you are sad.

We used to have this book, however, we donated years ago. I checked one out at the library. After seeing how much my daughter likes this book, we will have to purchase again! I would personally recommend this book for ages 4 plus.

Add to your Goodreads  or purchase on Amazon (New, Hardcover) 14.29


Books of Feelings for Children from Book Wishes, a wonderful site to learn about great books! #books #education #homeschooling #feelings #children

There’s an Alligator Under My Bed by Mercer Mayer, is an awesome book that all my children love! We read this book together before bed and all my kids thought it was funny. A little boy thinks there is an alligator under his bed. He knows the alligator is there, however, when he looks the alligator is hidden from sight. So instead of being afraid, he is brave and lures the alligator to the garage! This book can be for bravery or touch on imagination / imaginary things. I personally loved this book, as well. The pictures are fun, great lesson for children, as well as, humorous!

I recommend this book for all ages, Add to your Goodreads or Purchase on Amazon (new, Hardcover) for 12.83

We would love to hear about great books for children you have read on Friends and Feelings!  Leave a comment and recommend a book to us!

Happy Reading!

Happy Reading From Kris At Book Wishes!


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Mother Goose Time Curriculum **Video: What is in the Box, Part 1 ** Plus More!

Wonder what is in the Mother Goose Time Box? Come watch this wonderful video plus check out their new circle time set up! #mgtblogger #homeschool #circletime

Mother Goose Time has a brand new display this year for your classroom! Plus, a wonderful way to display these educational tools on a poster board. I wanted to share with our readers how we set up our display, as well as, what comes in the Mother Goose Time box. So, I made a video with Einstein and Hubble (they helped). This way you can see what comes in the box. The circle time display itself is not a monthly item. However, every month each Mother Goose Time member receives items that add onto the display. For example: A friendly bee, letter cards, a new shape, as well as, global friends and more.

This is part 1 of the video, 10 minutes in length sharing some of the items. We also plan to make a second video to share the rest after I open the bags to show you a day of Mother Goose Time!

Wonder what is in the Mother Goose Time Box? Come watch this wonderful video plus check out their new circle time set up! #mgtblogger #homeschool #circletime

Here are some pictures on how we (Elion and I) set up her display board together. I changed some items around to fit our schooling. Mother Goose Time is very adaptable for each learning environment. Ours is a homeschooling environment and I only teach Elion with Mother Goose Time so I fit the learning area to her.

Wonder what is in the Mother Goose Time Box? Come watch this wonderful video plus check out their new circle time set up! #mgtblogger #homeschool #circletime Wonder what is in the Mother Goose Time Box? Come watch this wonderful video plus check out their new circle time set up! #mgtblogger #homeschool #circletime

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Fables and Folktales: The Boys And The Frogs

The Boys and the Frogs,Learning About Fables with Mother Goose Time. #mgtblogger #homeschool #fablesThis week Elion and Hubble had so much fun learning new fables, that I must admit I never read. They read The Boys and the Frogs, a story about boys that skip stones on water with no regard they are hurting and disturbing the frogs. Moral lesson of this fable, stop to think whether your fun might be the cause of anothers unhappiness.

We talked about how you should not have fun without being kind and caring of those around you. I love how the kids responded, they expressed so much love and kindness towards others in our talk.

Then they both played a fun frog game together!

The Boys and the Frogs,Learning About Fables with Mother Goose Time. #mgtblogger #homeschool #fablesThe object of the game was to get your frog to leap onto every color lily pad. This is a cute game that all the kids enjoyed especially using the plastic jumping frogs Mother Goose Time gave us!

The Boys and the Frogs,Learning About Fables with Mother Goose Time. #mgtblogger #homeschool #fablesWe played a wonderful game of leap frog in order to get some energy out. I made 5 froggy bean bags for the kids to make up games with. They tossed the bag and tried to leap to were the bag was. I love how creative they became with the leaping games. Hours of fun learning about fables and jumping like frogs!

The Boys and the Frogs,Learning About Fables with Mother Goose Time. #mgtblogger #homeschool #fablesAt the end of our lessons with a 5 year old daughter, she is sometimes pretty crazy with excitement. I use the More Literacy to have some quiet time at the end of the lessons. At the beginning of the lessons after calendar and circle time, Elion works on More Math. So you might say that I start the lessons with More Math as a warm-up and wind down the lessons with More Literacy. I love these books and how much they add to each lesson every day!

Make sure to order next months Mother Goose Time which includes a new circle time display, as well as, so many wonderful lessons on Friends and Feelings!

Order September's Mother Goose Time!

Click to Order Your Friends and Feelings from Mother Goose Time!

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Trail Guide To Learning : Extension Programs (Middle School and High School)

Geography Matters Extension Lessons for Middle School And High School. Read how the Book Wishes family uses this program for their gifted son. Also a list of H.S. credits each student earns at completion of the program! #homeschooling #charlottemason #livingliterature #geomatters

Including your older students with the adaptable extension program is easy, simple, and fun!

This year our family is using two Trail Guide to Learning Paths. The Paths of Settlement for our 8 year old Hubble. The Paths of Progress for our daughter Curie (12), Franklin (10), and Einstein (13). However, Einstein is taking high school units this year. So how are we teaching the Paths of Progress to our high schooler? We are doing it through the extension program.

The benefits of the extension program for our family have been amazing. Last year, we used the middle school extension with Paths of Settlement. That CD allowed all my children to be on the path together. Discussing the curriculum together, as well as, learning together. The difference for Einstein was his lessons were harder based on the level. Also, his lessons were more in depth, as well as, longer.

Let me explain how these extensions work. First, you still use the text book which remains the main curriculum. Einstein would read and complete the lessons in the book and then the extension program. For example, if the textbook asked that you read a book on Samuel F.B. Morse than you should read those passages, as well as, the book in the extension program. With the extension programs, Einstein is using the text as his main source and then adding in the extension to fit in more learning to gain a better depth of learning for high school.

This is how I use the extension program so its not overwhelming for Einstein.

Geography Matters Extension Lessons for Middle School And High School. Read how the Book Wishes family uses this program for their gifted son. Also a list of H.S. credits each student earns at completion of the program! #homeschooling #charlottemason #livingliterature #geomattersInstead of printing all the lessons out together and placing in a binder, I print the pages out in lessons/parts. For instance, Unit 1, Lesson 1 has 5 parts to it. I go through and decide how much I want Einstein to work on that day. I separate the parts of the lesson and give him one packet to complete. That way he does not get overwhelmed with a huge notebook. He also knows how much I expect him to work on that day and so on.

Einstein has autism so in giving him less papers to hold and think about helps him to not become overwhelmed with a big textbook and a big folder. I love how the extension program is on a CD and printable so I can do this for him. I also love the non-confusing text. Einstein glides right over the text. This year has been effortless for myself because we used a similar extension program with middle school with the Paths to Settlement last year.

I also love the literature that is required for the extension lessons. Most are easy to find at the local library, however, if they are not, this is literature you will read again. For example, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, a classic that I would be happy for my children to have on their shelf for reading again and again.

There are some wonderful supplemental resources as well for Einstein to add if I wish. However, that is optional on how in depth I would like him to get. I have always included the supplemental resources in his learning and highly recommend it, especially in high school.

When Einstein fully completes the Trail Guide to Learning: Paths of Progress Extension, he will complete the following credits in high-school.

  • English: 1
  • Economics: 1/2
  • World History: 1/2
  • Humanities (Music): 1
  • Physical Science: 1/2
  • Anatomy: 1/2

I love how Geography Matters takes the work out of finding separate curriculums for all those subjects above!

We are just starting to slowly dig into the extension program this year and so far it is wonderful. I will be writing and including some more great pictures as the year progresses about the wonderful extension programs with Geography Matters! Head over and check out GeoMatters new website!

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Math Lessons with Cookies!!! *FREE Resources for Cookie Math And Gluten Free Cookie Recipes*

Math Lessons with Cookies!!! *FREE Resources for Math And Gluten Free Cookie Recipes*Math Lessons with Cookies!

Want to have a delicious math lesson with your kids?  We did, using a wonderful game from Life Over C’s!

Math Lessons with Cookies!!! *FREE Resources for Math And Gluten Free Cookie Recipes*

The game is simple, easy to print, and so much fun for everyone. The math game we used is called Bump from Life Over C’s. I loved the cookie monster border around each sheet. Creative and Clever!

Math Lessons with Cookies!!! *FREE Resources for Math And Gluten Free Cookie Recipes*

Grab your Bump Math Game from Life Over C’s for FREE, HERE!

Here are some other wonderful, FREE cookie math resources:

Cookie Sheet Math Facts from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

Division Cookies from Teachers Pay Teachers / A.Wiggins

Yummy Fractions from Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten

Math Lessons with Cookies!!! *FREE Resources for Math And Gluten Free Cookie Recipes*

Of course, you can’t have cookie math without some yummy cookie recipes, to eat before or during the math fun! We live a gluten-free life style, below are some recipes that are gluten-free, as well as, delicious!

Ginger Cookies from Eat Good for Life

Almond Butter Bananas Cookies from Cavegirl Cuisine

Flourless Fudge Cookies from King Arthur

Or maybe you just want a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe? We just follow the recipe on the chocolate chip package from toll house. However, we do replace the flour with our gluten-free flour blend (make sure your blend has guar gum). We also replace the butter with vegan butter, as well as, the chocolate chips with  non-processed carob chips. You don’t need to replace all those, I’m just picky (understatement LOL).  Only replace the flour to a gluten-free flour blend, to get G.F. chocolate chip cookies!

Enjoy learning time with delicious treats and math fun! Learning together is FUN and in this case delicious!


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Simple Ways to Adapt a Younger Curriculum to An Older Learner! **Mother Goose Time Learning for Everyone**

Adapting a Younger Curriculum for an Older Learner! Homeschooling Rocks!

If you have multiple children like I do, you are on the look out for a curriculum that you can use for multiple ages. This year I am using two curriculums that are adaptable, one happens to be Mother Goose Time. A curriculum that is set perfectly for my daughter, Elion, at the age of 5. Mother Goose Time recommends their curriculum for children ages 3-7. So, it fits perfectly with Elion. I really wanted to adapt it for my son to learn the same themes every month with her. My son, Hubble, is eight years old and is a great reader. Also, he is a year ahead in most subjects. So let me give you some simple ways that I adapt this wonderful curriculum, Mother Goose Time, to fit both children.

Mother Goose Time an adaptable homeschool curriculum! Thinking outside the box! #homeschool #mgtblogger

I use the themed books that go along with the subjects that are Hubble’s reading level. This month Mother Goose Time is teaching Elion about Fables and Folktales with a wonderful book Aesop’s Fables for Preschoolers illustrated by Chris Lensch. I adapted Hubble’s reading with Aesop’s Fables the book. Also, I added Paul Bunyan a Reading Rainbow book.

Our book is older than the one pictured above

I search pinterest or the internet in search of some fun pages or curriculum to go along with that theme. Age appropriate curriculum that my son would love. For Fables and Folktales, I found a wonderful free curriculum thanks to a fellow Mother Goose Time Ambassador through Enchanted Homeschooling.

I also found some other Fable curriculum you could use:

Fables and Folktales Board

I use the Charlotte Mason Method to homeschool Hubble. He has been learning with her wonderful method for most of his schooling. So I went through the Aesop’s Fable book and gathered some passages for him to practice his spelling and vocabulary. First, Hubble reads the passage out loud. Then he picks out words that he needs to work on. Next, after he is confident that he can spell the words that he needed to work on, I use dictation, having Hubble rewrite the passage. This is the Charlotte Mason way of learning to spell.

Math for an older learner using Mother Goose Time! #mgtblogger #math #homeschool

Also, with Mother Goose Time, each month they give Elion some wonderful ways to increase her math skills. She is still learning her numbers and doing basic math, like addition and subtraction. I take the learning tools that Mother Goose Time gives Elion and adapt them to be a bit harder for Hubble.

This month for fables, we received some wonderful counting cards and Hubble made two piles of cards. Since we have enough MGT items for three children in our box, I was able to get more number cards for him. Then he flipped over a number in each pile. The objective I told him was to multiply the numbers and then feed the Grasshopper or the Ant the number of corn kernels for the answer. He did an awesome job!

I love how adaptable this curriculum is and how easily I can add Hubble into Elion’s Mother Goose Time learning! Those are just a few of the simple ways to adapt a younger currilcum like Mother Goose Time to an older child.

Of course, with Mother Goose Time art, Hubble has no objections and wants to join in! He read the fable, The Dog and His Reflection, learning a wonderful moral that its not ok to be greedy.

Creativity with Mother Goose Time. Learn simple ways to adapt this younger curriculum to an older child! Everyone loves Mother Goose Time! #curriculum #homeschooling #mgtblogger

Then Hubble and Elion made their dog masks and looked at their reflections!

Learning Morals with MGT!

Ever so simple to include older children in your younger childs curriculum with Mother Goose Time!

Mother Goose Time

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Fables and Folktales with Mother Goose Time **The Benefits of Adult-Led Learning and Play**

Fables and Folktales with Mother Goose Time! The Benefits of Adult Led Learning and Play! #homeschooling #mgtblogger

Adult-Led Learning in kindergarten, are acitivities or a curriculum that is structured, organized, and thought out by an adult. I have written a lot about child led learning in the past with pretend play and free play. However, this week I would love to touch on how important it is as a parent to have structured adult led learning, as well as, play.

Mother Goose Time gives me the opportunity as Elion’s mother and teacher to help structure her learning and play time. This week Elion

Fables and Folktales with Mother Goose Time! The Benefits of Adult Led Learning and Play! #homeschooling #mgtbloggerhad so much fun learning about The Grasshopper and the Ants, fable. We read the book, Aesop’s Fables for Preschoolers illustrated by Chris Lensch, listened to the story on the story CD as well. Then, Elion got to do a math game. The game was suppose to use corn, however, I didn’t know if the packet only contained corn. Elion, has Celiac Disease so I am always supper cautious of food. I modified the activity and she used buttons to count with, pretending they were ants. She would flip over a number card, then give the ants more friends (ants) or the grasshopper according the numbers on the card in order to practice her counting skills.

With Adult Led learning, she was able to use smaller pieces with supervision, in this case buttons. Adult led learning gives your child the opportunity to do acitivities they cannot do on their own. Small parts, cooking, cutting (when they are little) etc…

Fables and Folktales with Mother Goose Time! The Benefits of Adult Led Learning and Play! #homeschooling #mgtbloggerElion also learned about The Hare and the Tortoise, one of my favorite fables! With Adult Led playing and learning, I was able to read the story to Elion as she acted it out with these amazing puppets from Experience Play with Mother Goose Time. I talked to Elion after we read the story about the words in the text like mocking, hilarious, and overtake for example. Adult Led learning allows a child to expand their vocabulary with language development.

Fables and Folktales with Mother Goose Time! The Benefits of Adult Led Learning and Play! #homeschooling #mgtbloggerAnother fun way to learn together is through games! Each month Mother Goose Time includes an educational game in their curriculum. With each game, Elion learns new skills like counting, math, and concepts. She starts to recognize numbers, order, and sequence.

The key to effective Adult Led learning and play is to still allow Elion to be creative and imaginative. I try not to take away any imagination or creativity by being open for her thoughts and suggestions. For instance, when playing with the puppets after we were done playing out the story scene, Elion wanted to make one of her own stories up, of course. I thought that would be a great idea. I loved how she still included a race in her new story. She had the chance to still use her imagination.

Adult Led learning is a key component in homeschooling or in any learning environment in early childhood education. Just remember to be a guide and not the dictator in education. That way education is always fun, exciting, and leaving a child with that thirst for learning!

Fables and Folktales with Mother Goose Time! The Benefits of Adult Led Learning and Play! #homeschooling #mgtblogger


Teaching Morals Using Fables in Kindergarten!

Teaching Morals with the Fables! Mother Goose Time #homeschool #mgtblogger

Aesop’s Fables has good moral lessons that go with each story. This month with Mother Goose Time, Elion is learning with Aesop’s Fables. Using fables to teach morals for young children is nothing new. That’s why fables were created, to teach lessons. However, Mother Goose Time’s approach is new and inviting for my daughter. They have taken a few fables and re-written them in a way that a little learner can understand.

Mother Goose Time's new book for my younger, Elion. While Hubble (8) reads the older book!

Mother Goose Time’s new book for my younger daughter Elion while Hubble (8) reads the older book!

First, we talked about what morals are? I included my 8-year-old Hubble, as well as, Elion (5) in this discussion. Neither one of them really knew what a moral was. They know how they should act and behave. They know the bible and what it teaches us but not really what a moral is. So, we talked about it together and they were able to learn very quickly.

Definition of a Moral:

  • Goodness or badness in human character.
  • What is acceptable and what is not to one person.

To read the full definitions, click here

Hubble is in cub scouts so right away he had a ahh haa moment, when learning what a moral was. Elion said she knew it all along because she chooses to have good morals, like her mom and dad. That made me feel great!

Morals taught in The Lion and the Mouse


No matter how small the act of kindness, it’s never a waste.

Making Story Puppets for The Lion and the Mouse!

Making Story Puppets for The Lion and the Mouse!

Story Puppets for The Lion and the Mouse!Story Puppets for The Lion and the Mouse!

I made a Lion Chalkboard for Elion to Practice her ABC's On

I made a Lion Chalkboard for Elion to Practice her ABC’s On

I used a lion puppet to help with her alphabet practice.  She loved the lion!

I used a lion puppet to help with her alphabet practice. She loved the lion!

Story Puppets with Mother Goose Time are fun and original #mgtblogger

Morals taught in The Bundle of Sticks

In Unity is Strength

Don’t fight with people in life: come together, show kindness, respect, and love.

Elion started her Unity Chain by writing on each piece something she could do to express Unity.

Elion started her Unity Chain by writing on each piece something she could do to express Unity.

Unity Chain with Mother Goose Time for the fable A Bundle of Sticks!

Counting Sticks!

Counting Sticks!

Bundle of Sticks Fable Goals that Elion wanted to write down after learning about each moral in these two Fables. First, she wanted to do acts of kindness for her loved ones. She compared the mouse to herself. She is small like the mouse, however, her acts of kindness are not wasted but appreciated. Second, she wants her brothers and sisters to get along more. So, I watched as she tried to solve problems as she nicely asked people to use an indoor voice (advice she could use, LOL).

She is learning good morals and applying them as she learns. She is a wonderful, kind little girl already. Learning about morals is always a good reminder for her. Fables are wonderful stories for any age. I am incorporating my son Hubble, as I stated before, in learning these wonderful Fables. I will post some great resource links in my post next week for older child resources; therefore, if you have an older child that wants to join in on the fun, they can!

Hubble age 8 learns the fables with his sister age 5!




Wrapping Up, Our Summer Education And Preparing For The New School Year!

Digging In The Dirt! Nature Detective from Mother Goose Time Wrap Up. preparing for the new school year ahead!Summer has been so much fun while learning, playing, traveling, meeting new friends, and having new adventures. Elion has had a blast this month with learning about nature, exploring, and becoming an official Mother Goose Time Nature Detective. I am printing her out this week an official nature detective badge of her own to wear. Reminding her of her daddy because she loves to wear his badge all the time, or at least admire it on his uniform!

As we wrapped up the week, Elion learned about all different sorts of animals that make dirt their home.

What lives in a hole? Explore with Mother Goose Time in your homeschool. Read why this mother of 5 loves it! #homeschool #mgtblogger #eceWhat lives in a hole?

  • A Mouse
  • A Fox
  • A Snake

She loves to make her very own book each month. I love how these books are bilingual. It makes me wish I would have paid more attention when I was learning a foreign lauguage. Our relatives speak French Canadian, so, this week, I also wrote down the French Canadian verse for each page as well for Elion.

Outside play in homeschool is a must! #homeschool Digging in the Dirt with Mother Goose Time #homeschoolElion, had so much fun playing and laughing while learning about dirt, as she wrapped up this month’s theme. I wanted to get her excited about the next month in what she was learning. I do this with all my kids as they finish a book and start a new one or as they finish a subject. As a kid, when you are done learning one thing it might be hard to pick up another. Heck, as an adult have you ever finished a book and loved it. Then thought, what do I read now and nothing excites you? I have done this and gone months without picking up a new book. Therefore, I try and get my kids excited about something new so they become motivated. Especially when we are coming off a relaxed summer of learning and going into a new year with a routine.

The new theme for the beginning of Elion’s new school year with Mother Goose Time is Fables and Folktales. So in addition to getting the toy box to share with our readers for Fables and Folktales, I wanted to make a new calendar area in our new home.

Lion And The Mouse! Fable Time

I made a calendar lion! Elion loved helping me make this! Then we placed the new ABC flags in the calendar area. This got her excited about reading the Lion and the Mouse.

Calendar Time for Fables Learning!

I also introduced some new felt characters for her, a grasshopper and a ant. I made these from hand with felt. She could not wait to play with them. I cannot wait for the Grasshopper and the Ants story.

Felt Grasshopper and the Ants for Fable learning time!

I am making several more little fun items to share with you through out the month for Fables and Folktales. Also, I want Hubble my 8 year old to learn about the Aesop’s Fables so I will be including him with a older study unit. I have purchased the Aesop Fable book for him. I am looking forward to sharing with our readers how a preschool theme can be easily adapted so multi-age children can learn the same theme.

Fables and Folktales!

Getting ready for a new year of school can be exhausting with looking into new curriculum and researching everything; However, for Elion it was easy because I stayed with what she learns with best. Have fun wrapping up your summer and preparing for your new school year. Just a word of advice from a veteran homeschooling mother of 5, relax, pray, breathe, and most of all get excited too!

Diggin in the Dirt with Mother Goose Time! #homeschool #mgtblogger


Some Curriculum Changes For Our Family. Persecution And Hurt is Never OK!

Recently, our family and our religion (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) has been a victim of false accusations and attacks. I am saddened in my heart for not only myself, but for my children because they will face religious persecution in their life. Of course, we are taught in the KJV of the Bible that we will be rewarded for persecution. However, as a parent and a human you never want to face it and, frankly, we should not have too.

Being a Christian means you respect others including their religions. You will never catch me stating to another person, “let me tell you why you are not a Christian.” In fact, when someone tells me they are a Christian, I embrace it, I love it, and I need not point out why they are not or why they could never be in my eyes. My beliefs teach me to love my neighbor as myself, be kind, be loving, and be understanding of ALL fellow human beings no matter what. I should not judge some one or make false claims against them. I am not the judger, Heavenly Father is.  Also, I don’t need to tell them what they believe because they know it.

In stating that LDS people are Christians, I do not need to defend that to anyone because I believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of Heavenly Father. He is my Savior and redeemer and that is what a Christian believes. My family loves all regardless of faith.

However, this week Apologia decided to write a hurtful, untrue, and horrible statement regarding Christian, Latter Day Saints. That is why I am leaving them behind. I will be removing the reviews I have posted on them. I cannot and will not stand by a company that lashes out at any faith, not Muslim, not Jewish, not Catholic, not even people who don’t believe in Heavenly Father.

Why will I not support a company that does this? We are free to practice our faith and give others the same respect, see our Articles of Faith. I am not a hateful person and cannot agree with someone who has so much hate for another. I will not be using any products from Apologia or any other companies affiliated with Apologia.  My children will NOT be using any of the books I have purchased, in the future. So I will be removing them from our curriculum completely.

If you have any questions about our Latter Day Saint faith please ask or read The lies written on Apologia’s website are hurtful and UN-Christian like. I want to thank the fellow Christians out there that have also decided to not support this company and its horrible actions. I have seen many non-Latter Day Saints write comments in defending us and I thank you for being a TRUE Christian and loving us and doing good. We also want to thank Apologia for opening our eyes to what they truly feel. We will pray that your hate and disdain for fellow religions are removed from your heart. We also pray that you will understand how hurtful and un-Christian your actions have been.



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