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Dance and Movement with Mother Goose Time! Learning on vacation is FUN!

Dance and Movement with  Mother Goose Time!

Rabbit Hops!

Dance and Movement with Mother Goose Time is a fun way for Elion to learn, as well as, express energy. On vacation there has been a lot of sitting for Elion. Heck, in life isn’t every 5-year-old ready to get up and move!!

Dance and Movement with Mother Goose Time!
With Mother Goose Time there are so many opportunities for Elion to use movement and dance in her lessons. Not only is dance and movement great for Elion to release energy. As she releases energy she channels it into creative learning.
Does your child want to learn about growing gardens? Wiggle like a worm? We love Mother Goose Time!

Elion loves Growing Gardens with Mother Goose Time for the month of May. Check out next months wonderful theme and read all about why we love Mother Goose Time! #mgtblogger

Dance and Movement with Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum. Get your child moving with Mother Goose Time! #mgtblogger
This month Elion became a rabbit in a garden. She explored the room trying to hide in places a rabbit might hide. She channeled her creative dance with how a worm wiggles! She also became a toad hopping through her garden in the spring, talking to her vegetables.

Her siblings help Elion perform a play! Mother Goose Time gives each child, every month a little theatre script. Elion loves dancing, moving, and performing this play with her brothers and sister, as well as, mom!

Little Theatre Scripts with Mother Goose Time are the best! See why my daughter loves performing these plays with her siblings! #mgtblogger

I could not get this to upload on my site so I placed this cute play on our Book Wishes Facebook page for everyone to see just how wonderful these little theatre scripts really are!

Make sure to like us on Facebook and watch our super cute video! Also grab your Mother Goose Time for next month!

The Alphabet House from Mother Goose Time. Theme for June 2015The Alphabet House, Letter Review and a Home for You!

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Taking Mother Goose Time on Vacation!


Taking Mother Goose Time curriculum with us on vacation was the BEST thing I did, as a homeschooling mother.



I simply brought 2 medium sized plastic bins and 1 small plastic bin with us. I first went through the curriculum for the month. This month the theme was growing gardens. I gathered all the extra material I would need, scissors, glue, anything, even extras I wanted. All the extras went in the clear, medium sized bin. Then all the craft items that Mother Goose Time provided went into the medium purple bin. Then I took all the days and paper clipped each day seperate. Placing those in a small blue bin. Color coded so I knew, what was what.


I made sure to bring her calendar and placed it on top in the blue bin. So we could do calendar time each day!
I also made sure to bring the circle time, as well as, the Growing Gardens CD.
I am so glad I brought MGT with us. When visiting friends, Elion could take a break and do Mother Goose Time.

When I was busy my older children loved helping Elion put together projects. Elion had a familiar friend, Mother Goose Time traveling with her.
I never pushed her to complete days, she asked too.

The do’s on vacationing with MGT:
1. Organization is key
2. Have fun, vacations can be stressful with children. Relax and let MGT guide you.
3. Read ahead, I read the teacher’s guide before we left. To be familiar with the lessons.
4. Be creative, on vacation things happen. Get creative, I had my older kids help/join in they loved it.

The dont’s on vacationing with MGT:
1. Bring extra or improvise.

I ran out of scotch tape!

So I improvised with duck tape, LOL. I learned, bring extra.
2. Don’t worry about order, Elion did the days in different order. I loved that.

Elion is having so much fun with Mother Goose Time on vacation. We will be on vacation until mid-June. I am enjoying vacation and road schooling. If you have taken MGT on vacation and have any tips for me. I would love to read them.
Hurry over and grab your Mother Goose Time for next month!

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New Adventures in Homeschooling!

As you can see I have been a little absent from my weekly blogging! We decided to take an adventure for a few weeks! Here are some of our highlights so far.





I am enjoying our family time together. Looking forward to sharing some amazing vacation and road-schooling tips with all of you! Till then enjoy your summer. Also GeoMatters is having a 20 percent sale. Click over to there site to grab anything they publish for 20 percent off. No coupon needed so just click over and save!


Patterns In Preschool ~ Visual Art Learning with Mother Goose Time’s Growing Gardens!

Patterns In Preschool ~Visual Art Learning with Mother Goose Time Growing Gardens! #mgtbloggerPattern recognition starting in preschool is very important for visual art learning, as well as, many other subjects. However, today I just want to focus on visual art learning with patterns in preschool. Adding patterns and shape activities in your daily preschool can allow your child to point out other patterns in their surroundings. For Elion, she likes to point out patterns in paintings and other art. She loves to create patterns and find them which helps to grow her knowledge of visual arts.

This month with Growing Gardens, Mother Goose Time gave Elion some wonderful shape tiles and along with shape cards that she is able to place the shapes on and duplicate the flowers, Elion has learned to point out the patterns and shapes that she is using in each picture.

Patterns In Preschool ~Visual Art Learning with Mother Goose Time Growing Gardens! #mgtblogger

She duplicated the flowers on a paper that is blank with grass on it that Mother Goose Time provided!

Just working 5-10 minutes a day on pattern activities with your preschooler can help develop visual arts. By helping develop artistic techniques, as well as, helping your child recognize shapes and other artistic techniques, I have noticed that she loves to express herself through art. With the pattern shapes, she loves to create new flowers of her own and show them too me, as well as, her siblings. Elion, over the years with daily pattern play, has gained fine motor skill development with small shapes and pieces!
Patterns In Preschool ~Visual Art Learning with Mother Goose Time Growing Gardens! #mgtblogger

Creating art with patterns does not just stop at using a shape cards and pattern blocks, but there are many ways to use patterns in visual art learning. Some other ideas for the growing garden theme is using stickers, stamps, nature items, and anything that will create a pattern for your child and display art at the same time. Visual art learning with patterns allows Elion to problem solve as she expresses herself or duplicates the picture on the shape cards. She has to think about what shape is used next. Then, when Elion is finished she has success and feels great about completing the project! I love how doing patterns together helps her learning and her smile! Elion loves flowers and shapes and, thanks to Mother Goose Time, Growing Gardens. This month, she gets to add her two loves together while learning!

Patterns In Preschool ~Visual Art Learning with Mother Goose Time Growing Gardens! #mgtblogger

Good luck with your pattern projects this year and don’t forget to order Mother Goose Time, Growing Gardens so your preschooler can have fun with learning visual art and creative development through patterns! Next Month for Mother Goose Time, the theme is The Alphabet House. Take your little one on a A through Z journey of learning!

Patterns In Preschool ~Visual Art Learning with Mother Goose Time Growing Gardens! #mgtblogger

Order Mother Goose Time Here!




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Preschool Development with Visual Music! (Mother Goose Time for the Busy Times)

Learn about preschool development with visual music through Mother Goose Time! Read how the Book Wishes mom Kris, teaches visual music even in the busy times! #mgtblogger

I know, mom’s are told to slow down and enjoy life. However, sometimes you just have no choice but to be busy.  I have been so busy these last few weeks. I should invent a new word for busy. Good news though as we pack up for new adventures, aka moving! Yippee! We also are packing for a family vacation and some summer adventures. Elion is still learning with Mother Goose Time! She never has to miss a beat, this time I’m prepared! Last move not prepared! LOL

 Elion and her sister Curie got moving with Mother Goose Time as we packed.

Learn about preschool development with visual music through Mother Goose Time! Read how the Book Wishes mom Kris, teaches visual music even in the busy times! #mgtblogger


Moving is no fun for any of us. In fact, moving is my least favorite things to do in the world besides laundry. However, with Mother Goose Time’s music . Elion can move, help pack and learn (never missing a beat). She loves to dance around to the Mother Goose Time music that comes in each box!

Mother Goose Time Music CD

Circle Time CD Different Cover than Growing Gardens


This month the theme for Mother Goose Time is Growing Gardens. The songs on the Growing Gardens CD include

  1. Watch Me Grow
  2. Rabbit Hop
  3. Peas in a Pod
  4. Hot Potato
  5. Carrot Top Pop
  6. Tears Roll Down
  7. Sweet Potato
  8. Wiggle Worm
  9. Scarecrow Scare
  10. Flower Blooming
  11. Snail Speed

I am impressed by the quality of Mother Goose Time’s songs. As well as, how much Elion learns with the musical CD, as well as, Dance N’ Beats .

Learn about preschool development with visual music through Mother Goose Time! Read how the Book Wishes mom Kris, teaches visual music even in the busy times! #mgtblogger

I love how our entire family can listen to MGT musical CD’s and not get tired of the music. The music is fun and enjoyable!

Dancing to the music gives Elion freedom of expression. She grows in visual music by listening and picturing different concepts or images in her mind. Then she displays them in her dance. For example, the song Hot Potato, when Elion dances to this song she pretends to have a “hot potato” creating visual music. Elion even grabbed a ball to use as the potato! Visual music in preschool is so important because it helps Elion develop her self-expression, imagination, memory, hand and eye coordination, thoughts and much more!

The musical CD’s that Mother Goose Time gives in each box helps Elion learn, grow and develop through visual music!

Order your Mother Goose Time Today!

Order your Mother Goose Time, HERE!


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The Secret of Blackneck by C.E. Mueth **Inspiring New Writers** (GuestPost)

Read about an inspiring young new author C.E. Mueth with his new book The Secret of Blackneck! I am so pleased to introduce a very talented young author to all our readers! Young authors are inspiring to all of us. I mean I am almost 35! Did I just say that?  I write on this site a little blog about books and homeschool. Venturing out and writing a book, never (for me). However for talented C.E Mueth this is what he is meant to do. I want to introduce the first of many novels to you by author C.E. Mueth, The Secret of Blackneck!

The Secret of Blackneck by C.E. MuethA Simple Boy… A Miserable Wretch… An Unlikely Hero… High off in the cliffs of Craggleback Mountain… overlooking the shivering Village of Blackneck, a warm wind blows… carrying with it a surge of mystery and adventure. A hero is about to be chosen… one that will pull the frozen land out of its frigid enchantment. The savior of this town might be a simple boy… or rather, a wretched sack of bones… an unlikely hero on a quest to unlock the Secret of Blackneck… ~Source Amazon

Purchase your copy of The Secret of Blackneck by C.E. Mueth on Amazon!


Guestpost from Author C.E. Mueth

Have you ever had the urge to write a novel, but were unsure where to start?

I’m C.E Mueth, 14-year-old published author of The Secret of Blackneck, available now on Amazon. I’m going to lay out four simple steps for how to write a book. While the paths that you can take toward this result are various, I hope that by the end of this, you’ll have a clear idea of where to go with your own writing.

One of the first steps to writing a novel is: determining an interesting narrative that will guide your reader. The best way to test its strength is to see if you are interested and having fun with it. After all, if you—the writer—can’t even enjoy writing your own work, then how could you expect somebody else to enjoy reading it? When I first started writing my novel—The Secret of Blackneck—I had no idea what it would lead to. I hadn’t even conceived the main character yet! Though, when I started writing an interesting narrative, I found myself sucked into the mystery and thrill of the world that I had just conjured. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know where I was going, an undying hunger to continue had started to gnaw at my mind… I had to delve further! The scene that I had created became the first of many foundations I laid for my budding story. I’m not sure what your own personal experience will be, as there are many ways to start writing a book—but, whatever it is, you should rely on a spark of inspiration to get you started.

The second step I used for writing my novel is not required, but I found it to be beneficial: forming a frame for your story. A frame is basically just a very loose foundation for your book. For some people, this approach to story-crafting can feel constricting—but, if you’re comfortable with it, it can prove very rewarding. My frame consisted of a list of notes, along with a shaky map of the plot that I like to call: “the skeleton”. Creating this frame requires inspiration from the world around you. Maybe you could apply aspects of your own life into your frame, or start reading some novels of the same genre to find ideas. For my own novel, I found myself being inspired by the frigid winter weather around me at the time—as well as some of my favorite books and fairy tales. I looked back into history, too… I studied the middle-ages (when my story takes place) and tried connecting the thinking and lifestyle of that time-period with myself. I tried imagining what it would be like to live life as they lived it—to see and to think of things in the ways that they would have. Don’t be upset if your frame doesn’t cover everything you wanted it to, and feel unsatisfied with your result. My original frame was far from what I eventually wrote. The personality and aspects of my main character (Scoundrel) which ultimately made it into the book, hadn’t even been molded yet. It wasn’t before my second attempt until I had everything I needed for the story—such as: the themes, the characters and the tone.

You might want to make one more frame once you’re done with your first one, or you could start with step three: writing the first draft. Out of all of the steps leading up to this point, this one is the hardest. Depending on how long your book is and how disciplined you are in writing it—this step could take a couple months, or up to a year. The Secret of Blackneck took me a little over two months to write, but I might not have been able to complete it—if it hadn’t been for my devotion and the freedom I have being homeschooled. It can be tempting at times to completely give up on your story… and you might even find another story knocking at your door while you’re in the middle of writing your book. Nevertheless, don’t stray from your goal—you won’t get anywhere if you give up. Some days will be easier or harder than others, but what’s important is that you don’t let yourself slip out of the habit of writing. Don’t be overly concerned about mistakes or flaws in the book either—that’s what the editing process is for. Now, there are two ways to approach the first draft phase of writing. The first approach is very rigid and formulaic—you start out with a firm skeleton of your story and map out every sequence that will take place from start to finish. Once you’re done making this type of skeleton, you can start writing your book according to its direction. The advantage of this approach is that you’ll have the liberty to write the scenes out of order. One day you might be writing the introduction, and on the next day—if you’re bored of that scene—you might go to work on writing the climax. The second approach you could take (the one I personally used) is writing as you go along and looking to your frame as a reference when you feel lost. The advantage here is that you’ll have a lot more liberty to change your initial thoughts about the story as you go along—you’ll also get to enjoy the sensation of learning the outcome of your story as you write it. There is no right or wrong choice for this phase, you just need to write the way that feels most natural for you.

If you manage to finish writing your novel, you’re not done with the journey quite yet. After writing the book, you’ll only have a first draft. Your book needs a lot of work—especially if you’re a first-time writer. This means you’ll have to start the fourth step: editing the book. This is the phase where you’ll polish your story (add or cut scenes), look for inconsistencies (plot holes, contradictions in descriptions, uneven changes in a character’s dialect etc.), check for redundancies (overuse of phrases and terms) and search for grammar mistakes (you’ll find plenty of these). I myself had to edit my book twice, not counting the three times my parents had to go through it. Overall, the editing process can be tedious and tiring. It took two months to finish editing my book—the same length of time it took to write it! Despite this, it’s beyond worth it. At the end… you’ll have a polished work of art.

Even after you’ve completed all these steps, you’ll still have your hands full publishing and promoting your book. Don’t let the scale and length of the process overwhelm you though. For all the effort you’ll put into this, you’ll also find an overwhelming satisfaction and joy in achieving your goal. As it is with all things worth working for, the path might be hard, but it only makes you appreciate the fruits of your labor even more. Even if your book doesn’t succeed at first, don’t let it discourage you. I wrote a full draft of a different novel prior to writing The Secret of Blackneck. I haven’t given up on that first novel, but it had to be shelved indefinitely. Just think about how much more you could do with your willpower and determination… if you just use it toward your vision. A masterpiece isn’t painted overnight, and a novel is no different. Practice and diligence is what will bring you success. So, I encourage you—broaden your mind’s horizons, and allow it to soar toward where it leads you.

Author C.E.Mueth **Inspiring new Writers Everywhere** About Author C.E. Mueth

C.E. Mueth is a born storyteller who brings his vivid imagery to the page through his elegant crafting of prose. His elaborate depictions of fantasy bring these tapestries of poetic scenery to life. He has been writing stories from the time he could hold a pencil, and at just the age of fourteen, he has already written two full length novels… The Secret of Blackneck is his first published work. His other works are soon to follow.




My children are looking forward to reading author C.E. Mueth’s new book, The Secret of Blacneck.  C.E  has inspired my son, (Einstein 12), to become a writer. Although Einstein wants to write about Pokémon. I look forward to reading his Pokémon book in the future. No matter how old your children are, if you encourage them they will succeed in whatever they want in life. I am moved by young author Mueth and his dedication to writing, I am so honored to have him featured on our site. Reading his wonderful guest post just blows me away.

Head over to Amazon Today to purchase your copy of The Secret of Blackneck for 11.66 paperback or 7.99 Kindle to download and start reading right away.

You can also visit this amazing author on:



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Ocean Commotion with Mother Goose Time **Wrap-Up**

Read what Mother Goose Time is all about! Visit Book Wishes and her preschooler, Elion, as they wrap up ocean commotion from Mother Goose Time. Next month is Growing Garden! #mgtbloggerI cannot believe that it is the end of the month already, time flew by this month. I guess thats what happens when you are having so much learning fun together with your family. Every month with Mother Goose Time, I am so excited to wrap up and start anew because being a homeschooling mom is the best! Elion loved learning all about the ocean with ocean commotion. The creativity and learning fun with Mother Goose Time gets me excited, as well as, Elion!

Read what Mother Goose Time is all about! Visit Book Wishes and her preschooler, Elion, as they wrap up ocean commotion from Mother Goose Time. Next month is Growing Garden! #mgtbloggerThis month, Elion explored new things with her ocean lessons. She learned about all kinds of new sea life and I even let her taste new kinds of fish this month. Elion ate clams, crawfish, catfish, and salmon. Her favorite was clams and crawfish. Her not so favorite was salmon. I thought she would have loved the salmon because it is pink, go figure!

Elion created new stories with Mother Goose Time’s help and she expanded her imagination with undersea adventures. Elion came up with so many underwater stories this month to share with us. She built wonderful new sea-creatures with her ocean commotion triangle set and she even thought of new ways to use her triangles. I hid them under sand in a bin for her to dig up, much like her dinosaur dig a few months ago.

Read what Mother Goose Time is all about! Visit Book Wishes and her preschooler, Elion, as they wrap up ocean commotion from Mother Goose Time. Next month is Growing Garden! #mgtbloggerElion learned new rhyming words with all the wonderful games that More Literacy has to offer. Also, this month with our focus on science, Elion asked a lot of questions expanding her scientific reasoning. Not only did Elion expand her scientific reasoning through asking questions, she also observed changes with her sensory jelly-fish in a bottle. Moreover, I am seeing changes in Elion. Each month her reading is getting better and better! Way to go, Elion!

Read what Mother Goose Time is all about! Visit Book Wishes and her preschooler, Elion, as they wrap up ocean commotion from Mother Goose Time. Next month is Growing Garden! #mgtbloggerAs I wrap-up this month with Elion, I am reminded of all the time together that we spend. I value and am so thankful for being a homeschooling mom. My family is everything to me and Mother Goose Time creates a fun, wholesome learning curriculum that makes my time with Elion the best. Also, thanks to Mother Goose Time, I am able to spend more time with Elion and less time prepping!

Read what Mother Goose Time is all about! Visit Book Wishes and her preschooler, Elion, as they wrap up ocean commotion from Mother Goose Time. Next month is Growing Garden! #mgtblogger

Click Here to Order!


Next month Elion starts Growing Gardens with Mother Goose Time be sure to order yours!


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Civil War Unit Resources **Begin your Civil War unit with these fun Books, Curriculum and Games**

Great Books, Curriculum and Games for Studying the Civil War in your Homeschool! #civilwar #homeschooling #bookwishesWe have had a blast learning about the Civil War this semester! Here are some of the amazing books, curriculum and games we wanted to share with our readers.

Books on the Civil War:

Top Secret Files of History: The Civil War: Spies, Secret Missions, and Hidden Facts from the Civil War Top Secret Files: The Civil War by Stephanie Bearce is a wonderful book that tells all the secrets of the civil war. My children love this book, we are currently reading.  Captures their attention with information all about the spies from both sides of the civil war, confederate and union. Also, gives information on spies that worked for both sides of the war. My children cannot get enough of all the interesting facts that author Stephanie Bearce writes about, plus there are some fun items for kids to complete for an added bonus! Purchase at Barnes and Noble for 8.05

Civil War on Sunday (Magic Tree House Series #21) All my children love magic tree house books in our home. This is a wonderful book for little readers, between the ages of 6 and 9 to learn about the civil war! Mary Pope Osborne is a wonderful author that brings books to life for children! Purchase at Barnes and Noble for 4.49

The Civil War A True Book: The Civil War by Peter Bendit is a must have when teaching about the civil war. I personally love how these books are written and they give me great facts to teach to my children. This book is not too long and keeps my children’s attention with the illustrations and real life pictures! Purchase at Barnes and Noble for 6.25

What Was America's Deadliest War?: And Other Questions about The Civil War Again this is a factual book that gives a lot of history, however, there is never a boring moment. We What Was America’s Deadliest War? And Other Questions About….The Civil War by martin Sandler, we read over the course of three days and really liked all the information given. Great book, in my opinion this book you could use for most of your teaching. Purchase at Rainbow Resource for 4.50

Other books we recommend:

Janie’s Freedom by Callie Smith Grant (ages 7 and up)

Life of Frederick Douglas – My oldest son, (Einstein 11), is currently reading this book. Great life story of an amazing abolitionist in history. (for high school)

The Red Badge of Courage  (high school)

Sojourner Truth (ages 7 and up)

Civil War Eyewitness Book – My children love this book, not only are the pictures incredible but it came with a poster to help with our timeline, as well as, a CD. I used the CD to create some civil war copywork!

Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe (we will be reading next year, great book)

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs (we will be reading next year as well, I have never read this book)


Coloring Books: Each of these coloring books not only have a page to color but also a small historical information paragraph to read on each page. Great Resources!

Soldier’s Life in the Civil War Coloring Book | Main photo (Cover)

A Soldier’s Life in the Civil War

Famous Women in the Civil War

American Family of the Civil War paper dolls


Wars Around the World– Civil War (read our review here)

Civil War Hands-On History Unit by Gypsy Road from Educents

Civil War CopyWork from Write Bonnie Rose (However,the customer service lacks with this company. I emailed the company a while back about not getting an order and no response. I would like a better way to contact this company other than email as I seemed to just pay and never get my order????) So I recommend purchasing through Educents, because I always get my order with Educents.


Professor Noggins Civil War Game – Oh my children love this game, it’s educational and fun!

Civil War Activities for Kids from Write Bonnie Rose


Civil War Playset in a Box

Civil War Jeopardy by Rockin Resources from TeacherspayTeachers (FREE)

BookWishes History for Kids Pinterest Board

Great Books, Curriculum and Games for Studying the Civil War in your Homeschool! #civilwar #homeschooling #bookwishesEnjoy your civil war study and please comment if you loved any of our suggestions! My children love to know when we have helped or inspired someone else’s learning! The books, curriculum and games above we personally have tried and recommend from our family to yours. I have two books above that I have not personally read, yet. However, I marked them as such so you would know. Have fun learning about the Civil War, we did!




Asking Questions In Preschool! *Learning at its BEST with Mother Goose Time*

Asking Questions in Preschool. Read why this is so important to one homeschooling mom! #mgtbloggerAsking questions in preschool can help your child, learn, gain confidence, and seek answers. Reasoning for children in preschool can be hard. As a parent, I have asked, why Elion?, For Elion’s answer to be, “just because, mommy!” In teaching, the best way for a child to develop reasoning skills in all subjects, math, science, reading and in little life problems that preschoolers may face, is to ask questions first and then teach. Allow their answer to be a possibility and explain the answer and see if their answer changes.

Mother Goose Time gives Elion so many opportunities to develop her reasoning skills.

Asking Questions in Preschool. Read why this is so important to one homeschooling mom! #mgtbloggerGames are a part of this development fun for Elion. This week, she played a game called Would You Rather, which I highly recommend for science and I will be doing this with Elion more. Why science? Because Would You Rather is developing Elion’s scientific reasoning. The Would You Rather game asked simple questions. Would you rather swim with a diver or a shark? Elion’s answer was “diver.” I then asked why a diver? She replied “because sharks can eat me if I swim with them.”

The questions I then put in front of her with the pictures that went with the questions. She loved this game and I loved playing the game with her. It is so fun to hear why she would do one thing verses another. I had no idea that she would rather eat an octopus instead of a shark or sea-sponge.

Asking Questions in Preschool. Read why this is so important to one homeschooling mom! #mgtbloggerTrust me, with most questions Elion thought out her answer! We both had so much fun with this game.

Asking Questions in Preschool. Read why this is so important to one homeschooling mom! #mgtbloggerElion played another fun counting game where I would ask her questions about numbers. Once again, it was simple. What number do you think you will flip over next? Elion is smart so she would look at the numbers she had already flipped over before answering. Before we started this game we talked about seahorses and how the daddy has the babies. I asked questions and she answered, however, she still kept calling the seahorse a girl the entire time it was funny.

Asking Questions in Preschool. Read why this is so important to one homeschooling mom! #mgtbloggerWhat do you think a sea-sponge would feel like? “Soft like a sponge for the dishes.”

What color do you think sea-sponges are? “Yellow, green and red.”

Do you think sea-sponges are living things? “No because they don’t have eyes.”

Great questions. I asked and we talked about them, looked at the wonderful pictures that Mother Goose Time has for Elion, and learned all about sea-sponges! Even if she got a question wrong, we explored why the answer was different than hers. At this age (preschool), I believe it is important not to say, Elion’s answer is wrong. I want her to learn the correct answer but never want her to feel like she got it wrong. Never talk down a child’s confidence. Always think of theirs as a possible answer. Building their learning with positivity.

Asking Questions in Preschool. Read why this is so important to one homeschooling mom! #mgtbloggerElion learned about the X-Ray fish which I must admit, I know nothing about as well. However, this time together we asked the questions and together we answered them. Elion then made this cute craft, an x-ray fish, using black paint for the hand print (body of the fish) and white straws were the bones of the fish. Then, she glued googly eyes on the head that were made out of a white paper triangle. Also, Elion gave her fish a tail with a white triangle as well.

Questions I asked as we were making the x-ray fish:

How do you think the black paint will feel on your hand? “Like a glove.”

Do you want a tail for your fish? “Yes, please.”

Why do you think we are using straws for the x-ray fish in this project? “Because you can see their bones. These are the bones, silly.”

Asking Questions in Preschool. Read why this is so important to one homeschooling mom! #mgtbloggerElion asks lots of questions in life. Asking questions allows her to expand her reasoning skills and development. She has begun to think about the outcome of each lesson with Mother Goose Time. This also gives Elion more confidence in her learning. She is gaining more control over her learning as she answers some questions instead of doing the asking all the time.

This month with Mother Goose Time, Elion has loved all the wonderful things that she has learned about the ocean. This week, we will be wrapping up Ocean Commotion and moving onto Growing Gardens. This also was a very adventurous week for Elion as we were packing our home and for a new adventure closer to daddy’s work.

Elion, what is your favorite, so far, learning about the ocean this month with Mother Goose Time? “Making a sea star, a shark fin, learning about turtles, eating the sea star, dancing, oh and the jelly fish and the octopus game and the book, and the ….and the…..” Boy, Elion does not like learning with Mother Goose Time.

Click to Order Mother Goose Time!


Hurry and Grab your Growing Garden for your little one for May and Grow Memories together with learning!


Nancy Larson Science **Science Kit 1** Review

Nancy Larson Science 1 Review from Book Wishes!

These last few weeks my children have been working hard on science. As a Charlotte Mason homeschooling family, we love literature and with Nancy Larson Science literature is added in two ways. Nancy Larson Science kit 1 comes with several wonderful pieces of literature, as well as, an additional literature print-out for parents that are used to reinforce what my children are learning through literature connections.

In using the Charlotte Mason method in our homeschool, the books I look for to reinforce my children’s learning have to be living books. What is a living book? I know this is an ongoing question with a lot of homeschooling newbies. The best definition for myself is a living book is a book that was written by a person who is an expert on the material that brings my children to know more about that subject. Usually these books are written in a narrative type style. I also find that “expert on the subject” depends on ones views. For instance, Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder, I would consider her an expert on pioneering because Laura lived in that time period and grew up being a pioneer. So, Little House in the Big Woods, in our homeschool is a living book.

I was excited about NLS printed list that they give you because it is not small. This allows me to pick and choose what books I want my children to read that fit our homeschooling method. This is a wonderful plus for us to be able to add books that I know my children can learn with and I can feel good with them reading and growing their learning of science.

Nancy Larson Science Review from Book WishesIn NLS Kit 1, my children have covered many topics. The lessons do start off easy and progressively get harder along the way. My three children (Franklin (9) Hubble (8) and Elion (5)) flew through the first three-quarters of this book. This was mostly because it was a lot of review for them. Be very careful on what kit you pick for your family. I would highly recommend calling and talking to NLS staff about your order and the levels that your children are at in science.

I really liked how each subject has a packet of its own for the student. The teacher’s guide , pictured above, is easy to read. Each lesson has a material list and at the end of each lesson, the answers for your student packet (if you need it). What I did and didn’t like was the script. I read the script before each lesson to guide my lesson, however, I do not need to read the script while teaching. I can see how some teachers or homeschoolers would love this, simple, easy, no planning way to teach. Scripted lessons are just not my style, therefore, I used it to teach me before hand what the lesson was about.

Nancy Larson Science Review from Book WishesMy children overall enjoyed every lesson. Elion, I believe, received the most out of science 1 because this was not review for her. My boys really liked the lessons even though they were review for an 8 and 9-year-old.

Nancy Larson Science Review from Book WishesWe have been expanding the anatomy lessons currently because the kids are having so much fun with it! I do love the ideas Nancy Larson Science gives you, however, I would love to see more overall. I would like more creative ideas and application rather than just writing and reading. I would love crafts and more ideas for exploration. We took what we were learning indoors and went outside with it. I highly suggest when completing NLS 1 to take your children out to observe and I know that we have some fun butterfly observing through NLS 1 coming up. I just wish there was more.

Nancy Larson Science Review from Book Wishes Nancy Larson Science Review from Book WishesMy children had fun learning with all the wonderful learning cards, photographs and samples that NLS 1 gave them. I really enjoyed NLS 1 during the winter because the kids really could learn science indoors. When we were learning about the seasons the photographs were amazing!

Nancy Larson Science Review from Book WishesOverall, Nancy Larson Science 1 is a wonderful science program. My children learned a lot with this program. They connected to the literature. We did the lesson reviews together and I saw the team work as they helped little Elion understand each lesson better. My oldest son Einstein helped me team teach the entire way through and has really gained great verbal skills.  We modified the lessons a little to fit us as a family and I love how simple it was to do that. Is this an open and go curriculum? Yes! However, I put a little more work into it because I found the script didn’t fit me personally.

Nancy Larson Science 1 Review from Book Wishes!

Nancy Larson Science 1 covers so many topics and each one is wonderfully explained and easy to understand. Their was never any tears learning with Nancy in our home, not to mention, the beautiful literature, as well as, literature connections to add-on. What is included in the NLS 1 kit is wonderful. I am so glad my children got to experience Nancy Larson Science.

To purchase your NLS 1 or to see what is included, visit Nancy Larson’s website and pick what kit fits your family.


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