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Wicked Girls: A Novel of the Salem Witch Trails by Stephanie Hemphill **review**




I became fascinated with the Salem Witch trails not too long ago when I was doing family history I found that I have relatives that were their living in Salem Village in 1692. So I have set out to read books about that time, some fictional some non-fiction. We even named our cat Salem! Wicked Girls is a young adult fictional novel that is based on these true events. To read the entire synopsis from goodreads CLICK HERE

For those readers who try to stay away from books with witchcraft this book is based on the events and not on the craft itself. Wicked Girls by Stephanie Hemphill although fictional is a historical fiction book the book never goes into witch-craft rituals. I like books that even include witch-craft maybe that is because I was raised Wiccan (even though I am not Wiccan now, I still have a fascination for witches) this book does not contain witch-craft.

What I loved about Wicked Girls:

Wicked Girls a journey through the girls eyes and lives as “seerers” of witches in 1692. I must admit it took me a little to get into the story, I think all books in verse are that way. Once I was in I was hooked. The title tells all about these girls for them to accuse innocent people and watch them hang, stretched and crushed is unspeakable. What started out as 2 little girls seeking attention quickly turned into more. The power this town gave these girls was unspeakable who wouldn’t let that go to their head as a young child. Most of the characters that were accusers in the story were either servants that lacked love in a family or little girls that wanted attention that the family never gave. However the more powerful they grew the more the parents seem to be “proud’ to have a witch seerer as a daughter or servant!

Stephanie Hemphill’s writing is beautiful it takes a wonderful mind to create such a world in this book. A world of jealousy, hatred, anger, suffering, bring the time period right into your mind for you to feel you are there wanting to reach out and say “STOP”! I loved how I never was bored during this story I found myself rushing through to read about my favorite character which happened to be Margaret Walcott. She was a child even at 17 years of age, that wanted to be loved, she wanted to be set free after a short time because she did not want to accuse anymore, but how would you be set free from this deceit, this disgust. I questioned whether she wanted to be free from the “witch hunt” for her own accord or that of Isaac her love that she wanted to marry. I think so many longed to be loved of the witch accusers in this time that women had no voice, 1692. They finally had a voice even though used to kill, lie, it was a voice so however bad their voices were finally being heard.

I really loved how when the book ended I was not just left their, author Hemphill writes what happened to each of the girl accusers, YES there were no boy or men accusers among this group. She then goes on to give you background on the people accused. She did her research and that was awesome!

My Rating 5 out of 5 Stars– I am a HUGE fan of Stephanie Hemphill’s writing I read Hideous Love: The Story of the Girl who wrote Frankenstein based on the life of Mary Shelley I was impressed by her writing and I am even more impressed now! If you are a lover of historical fiction this is a wonderful read for you. If you read the Crucible and loved it then pick this book up, not a disappointment. However if you are not a fan of verse this book is written entirely in verse! Just a warning. I will be reading more of Stephanie’s work she is a genius and I don’t often say that about a writer!

Author: Kris

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2 thoughts on “Wicked Girls: A Novel of the Salem Witch Trails by Stephanie Hemphill **review**

  1. I did really enjoy The Cruicible and the plot does appeal to me but not sure I could handle an entire book in verse. Hmmm….

    • Jan,
      I thought that at first too, Stephanie Hemphill’s first book I read in verse was Hideous Love and it took me a little because I have never read a book like that, you either love it or hate it. I really started getting into it and enjoyed it because of her writing. I think you have to be a talented writer to get verse to be a good book. I would say if you love witch books as I do give it a try but check it out from the library first. If you do end up liking it you will love Hideous Love that got me into the life of Mary Shelley which is so much better than just the story of Frankenstein! Happy Holidays and come back to let me know what you thought if you end up reading this book! I would love to get your thoughts on verse.

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